Week 7

Its been a rather annoying week this week.  Mummy says I have a cough and cold, one minute I’ll be laying there quite happily kicking my legs and looking around the next, I get a funny feeling in my nose and starting shaking my head quite violently back and forth.  Mummy keeps saying "bless you" and I heard Little Bean saying "he’s got the Bless You’s Mummy" – I hope its not serious??  My throat is really tickly and makes me "cough" I think Mummy calls it?  She always looks a bit worried when I "cough" so I make her happy by giving her a big smile straight after.  Mummy and Daddy keep saying that I’m a clever boy when I talk to them, which is nice.  I just wish they would say something a bit different to "are you talking to me?" or "give us a smile" – surely there are other things they could talk to me about?  Every now and then I give them a little giggle, that seems to make them happy too – in fact, they’re very easily pleased.  Mummy keeps putting me in a different bed this week, she says its in my room.  It seems really nice in there, there are loads of animals sitting around the edge of my bed though but they don’t move or talk to me??  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to eat them though because Little Bean keeps putting their ears in my mouth?  And yesterday Mummy told her off because she was getting one of her Weebles to give me a kiss, but to be honest I didn’t like it – it hurt my gums!

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