Week 21

My mouth keeps hurting! I don’t know why and its not every day but Mummy says she thinks maybe my teeth are coming. I wonder who they are? It feels better if I can find things to chew but my clothes get really wet because all this yucky stuff runs down my face. Mummy says I look cute, she’s so funny!
Mummy keeps giving me different things to eat, some of them are REALLY horrible, I’m sure she would never eat them so I don’t see why I have to. And whilst I’m on the subject of eating, Daddy has annoyed me this week. He keeps trying to give me a bottle with Mummy’s milk in and I REALLY don’t like it. I’ve even tried biting the bottle so that it doesn’t work anymore and then maybe he won’t be able to give me it but he seems very persistent. You know what though? I think I can be more persistent than he can!!

2 thoughts on “Week 21”

  1. Another post that sounds like William. He has never taken a bottle. Now at 8 monthw we are trying to get him to use a cup but he mostly just wants Mummy, which secretly I love x

    • Its a double edged sword isn’t it, I love that my little boy only wants me UNTIL I get the opportunity of a night off and then I really wish he would just take a bottle or a cup but we all know that where men (in training) are concerned, there’s no rushing them! x

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