Week 16–Oh come on!!!

Just when you think life’s rosy, someone sticks a needle in your leg!  Last week I went to the Doctors with Mummy, Daddy and Little Bean and we went to that room again where the nasty lady stuck a needle in my leg.  I got pretty upset because I thought she was going to get me again but my fears were unfounded as Mummy and Little Bean got it that time.  Little Bean got really upset which I didn’t like, nobody hurts my big sister! 

Today we went there again and I was pretty happy this time because I knew it wasn’t my turn.  I sat with Daddy again giving big smiles and giggles to Mummy who was holding Little Bean.  It was just like last week but Daddy was sneaky, whilst I was busy laughing at Mummy, Daddy took my trousers off.  I can’t believe I didn’t notice!!!  So I’m sitting there happily smiling and talking to Mummy and Little Bean when that nurse lady stuck a needle in my leg again, I made just a tiny little noise this time – I figured perhaps if I pretended it didn’t hurt she wouldn’t see the point in doing it again and would leave me alone.  How silly could I have been?  She didn’t just stick one more needle in my leg, she did it twice!!!  Twice I tell you!! I could hold off on the tears for one needle but three was just taking it way too far and I cried like I’ve never cried before.  Mind you, I did get my own back on Daddy, I put my leg against his tie and got blood all over it – that’ll teach him for tricking me!

As for Mummy and Little Bean, they didn’t get the needle this week – it was just me?  I wonder if I got theirs by mistake?

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