Packaging Items You Need as an eCommerce Startup

As a new and emerging eCommerce, you must take extra steps to compete against your well-established competitors. One of the key considerations you need to take as an eCommerce startup is choosing the right packaging.

As insignificant as it might seem in the grand scheme of things, your packaging can significantly impact your success, especially as a new business trying to build a loyal customer base. Packaging is the first thing your new customers will see when their orders arrive at their doors, so it needs to look good. It also needs to function well and protect the products inside.

There are various types of packaging you can use to ship your products, and we’ve covered the most important types below.

You can get shipping boxes of all shapes and sizes, and some also have unique functions like temperature-controlled options. You’ll need to invest in the most suitable type of packaging for your products to ensure they arrive safely at your customers’ homes via USPSFCL or an alternative delivery service.

Invest in good quality plain, white shipping boxes as general internal packaging and consider getting branded boxes for your outer packaging. Branded shipping boxes will increase brand awareness by enabling more people to see your brand logo and colours. Stronger brand awareness is key for building a reputation in the eCommerce industry as a startup business.

Bubble mailers are great for smaller, fragile items like jewellery or small electronic devices. They are lightweight packages with internal padding that absorb any force and impact that might occur during shipment, protecting the products inside. You can use bubble mailers as the only form of packaging if the product is too small to warrant the use of a large, rigid shipping box.

Poly mailers are another great choice when you need lightweight packaging that’s more flexible. However, unlike bubble mailers, poly mailers are suitable for non-fragile items like clothing and accessories. They are resistant to water damage and won’t tear or crumple easily during transit, keeping your products safe until they arrive at your customers’ doors.

Packaging inserts serve two roles. Firstly, they provide an additional layer of security and protection for your products to minimise the risk of items getting damaged, lost, or stolen.

Secondly, they provide an extra opportunity for you to reinforce your brand identity. Printing your brand logo onto your packaging inserts and using your brand colours can strengthen your brand awareness significantly.

Every time a customer opens a package from your brand, they will consciously or subconsciously see your branding. In turn, they’re more likely to remember it and think about your brand when they’re searching for a particular product. Being the first brand to enter a person’s mind when they need the products you sell is key to building a wider audience that loves and trusts your brand.

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