From Cluttered to Organized: Storage Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

Despite trends encouraging us to declutter we still accumulate stuff and never seem to have enough storage. So rather than fight it why not face the chaos and find the best way to stay organised with storage ideas for every room?  

Storage Ideas for Every Room

Along with the bathroom, the kitchen is the room where you are most likely to need extra storage. We add to the contents of our kitchens regularly so it’s not surprising that it can get a little overcrowded. 

To help restore some order use clear plastic storage boxes which you can stack on top of one another. These can be used for food or non-food items, just make sure the boxes you buy are food-safe. Being able to see what’s in the boxes makes it easier to find things and the boxes catch any crumbs or debris, keeping your cupboards cleaner. 

The bathroom can become one of the most cluttered rooms in the house, particularly if you have a large family. With bottles and boxes, tubes and sprays, you can quickly run out of places to store all your toiletries, so get organised with some storage baskets. 

Wire baskets are great for larger items, while for small items or make-up, soft woven baskets are ideal.

From Cluttered to Organized: Storage Ideas for Every Room in Your Home 1

Storage in the living room can be used to show off your possessions rather than trying to hide them away. If you have a lot of books, photos or ornaments floor to ceiling shelves will give you plenty of space to put them on display. 

You could use an empty alcove, either side of a fireplace works well or even on either side and above a door. 

Rather than storing your suitcases in the loft make use of them in the bedroom to organise the clothes you don’t wear. In summer, store your winter woollies in there and when the weather turns cold swap the items in your wardrobe around and stash your swimwear. 

Use vacuum storage bags inside the suitcases to increase the amount you get in them and to keep your clothes fresh. 

If your garage doubles as a workshop chances are there is always something you’re hunting for like a spanner or a screwdriver. Fix a metal pegboard or two to the walls and use hooks to hang up all your tools so you can see where everything is at a glance. 

Make sure what you are hanging up can be supported by the hooks and never overload it or you’ll undo all your hard work. 

A garden shed doesn’t necessarily have to contain garden tools but it is a great storage area for bikes and patio furniture. Garden shed costs vary depending on the size that you buy so make sure you choose one that will fit everything you want to store in there. 

Don’t forget to organise the inside of the shed so that you maximise the storage space, you may be surprised how much you can fit in. 

If you have small children teaching them from a young age to be organised can help them later on in life. Put colour-coded crates in their playroom and encourage them to choose what kind of toys should go in the different crates. 

You could also put numbers, letters or pictures on other boxes and let them learn as they tidy up.  Make tidying up fun to get them involved and teach them how to be responsible for their own things.

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