Who wants to win a hamper filled with Brioche Pasquier goodies

You may recall last year my Mum, Little Bean and I took part in the Race for Life as part of the Brioche Pasquier team to ‘raise some dough’ to fight the battle against Breast Cancer. Well Brioche Pasquier have continued to stay in touch with me and have still been a constant sight in my shopping basket since we love their yummy brioche (although could we please see a larger presence of the lemon curd ones on the shelves please!!).

Well now Brioche Pasquier would like to offer one Mummy Matters reader the chance to win a Hamper packed full of their rather mourish goodies. The hamper will be filled with products from the Traditional range, that contains everything you need for the perfect French breakfast, and from the Pitch range, which make great lunchbox treats or on-the-go snacks. Brioche Pasquier uses traditional recipes and an authentic process to create its breakfast favourites, and all Brioche Pasquier brioche products are free from any preservatives and artificial colours.

When Gabriel Pasquier first opened in his small village bakery in 1936, he used levain in his dough. The same technique was passed onto his sons that decided to continue using traditional levain to bake Brioche Pasquier products. Raising the dough this way is a more time consuming process compared to using modern yeast, but it provides a unique sourdough flavour and the products are then carefully baked using a similar process to the one used in 1936.

Despite the years that have passed, Brioche Pasquier continue this tradition of using our unique raising agent. Levain is the most natural way to raise dough and does not require any added sugar. It brings acidity to the dough that enables conservation without using preservatives.

For more information visit www.briochepasquier.co.uk

To be in with a chance of winning this hamper all you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter Entry Form below and then keep your fingers crossed that you win! Good Luck x

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150 thoughts on “Who wants to win a hamper filled with Brioche Pasquier goodies”

  1. I love Brioche Pasquier because it is inexpensive, can be enjoyed at anytime of day, whether on the move, alfresco or at the table and all my family love it!

  2. Complete this sentence in no more than 50 words; I love Brioche Pasquier because . . .c’est une expérience alimentaire française que j’adore

  3. I love brioche pasquier because it’s a taste of France without having to pack my suitcase. They are so buttery they never go stale even my bunny rabbit cookie likes them . In small quantities obviously.

  4. I love Brioche Pasquier because it reminds me of camping holidays in France ,quite a few years ago now,and its something that I know the grandchildren will eat

  5. I love Brioche Pasquier because it is delicious and my whole family enjoy eating it for snacks, as part of packed lunches and as dessert.

  6. I love Brioche Pasquier because they are a great snack, taste great, the whole family love them and are brilliant to put in the lunchboxes

  7. I love Brioche Pasquier because they make great on the go snacks and breakfasts. Perfect for school lunch boxes or busy commutes.

  8. I love Brioche Pasquier because no matter what the occasion, you can turn it into something special: with preserves and unsalted butter at breakfast, dipped in morning coffee, with smoked salmon for a picnic, baked with goat’s cheese for a dinner party – the possibilities are endless!

  9. I love Brioche Pasquier because it is a soft, tasty and filling snack that satisfies all members of the family at any time of day or evening.

  10. I love Brioche Pasquier because it tastes like a naughty indulgent treat but is so light and the individual packaging idea keeps it fresh for much longer.

  11. I love Brioche Pasquier for it’s light fluffy feel and great taste. So convenient and easy for the teenagers to grab before rushing for the bus in the mornings. Love them on their own and sliced and spread with Nutella.

  12. i love it because it tastes great, can be enjoyed any-time, quickly and with no fuss, it’s a luxury for me that doesn’t cost the earth

  13. I love Brioche Pasquier because the products taste great, can easily be packed into lunch boxes and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

  14. I love brioche pasquier because it makes my 8 year old son insanely happy on a weekend breakfast time and reminds his mummy of holidaying in Britanny campsites as a child.

  15. I love brioche pasquier because… heck, I’ll be honest, I’ve never tried it…
    But from what I’ve read I want to so I don’t see why ignorance is grounds for not qualifying for the comp…

  16. I love Brioche Pasquire because they’ve become part of the family, every time we go to the supermarket my two year old even shouts don’t forget the brioche mum. They are delicious, convenient and great anytime of day.

  17. Its all mine – the kids don’t usually try new things but I usually force them – with this I don’t #cruelmummy

  18. I love Brioche Pasquier because they have such a lovely range which make breakfasts a bit more interesting than a bowl of cereal. Their pitch range is also good as a snack for the kids when they are ‘starving’ but I don’t want them to fill up before tea.

  19. it’s sooo yummy and when warmed up it makes amazing breakfast. The kids love it in lunchboxes and its good as an afternoon snack.

  20. I love Brioche Pasquier because . . . they are the perfect size for a treat for the children and they are also very lovely with a cup of coffee when I get 5 minutes to myself. Happy Children – Happy Mum.

  21. I love Brioche Pasquier because they are tasty and perfect for any time of day and so easy just to gab as a snack

  22. I love Brioche Pasquier because they are a light & tasty way to get a quick breakfast or an afternoon snack, great varieties and great value

  23. I love Brioche Pasquier because they are fantastic for my boys pack lunches, and they would rather have those than sandwiches xx

  24. I love Brioche Pasquier because they really have an authentic taste. Even my French friends say it reminds them of France.

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