VR in Modern Video Games

Talking about the current era of industrial progress, it is not enough to note that technology is developing at an ever-faster pace. Although this is such a massive achievement that experts predict that by 2045-2050, almost all global problems will be solved.

VR in modern video games

In addition, it must be said that another feature has appeared: the parity of participants, regardless of the authorized capital, the number of workers, and the experience of engineers. Today, revolutionary solutions are available to everyone!

What are the forms of games?

In the virtual reality environment, traditional computer games are perceived in a completely different way. Regardless of the theme (auto racing or a shooter on the territory of an abandoned base), the first-person action provides the maximum approximation to reality, which increases the level of perception to the highest levels. Currently, such games are implemented in two forms.

  1. It is enough to put a VR headset with a smartphone on your head. The advantage of this option is that you can play in the comfort of your home with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Homido mask.
  2. The player is inside the simulator or in a specially prepared area. This option is closer to live conditions and therefore evokes strong emotions in the player. Its only drawback is that, after all, one cannot do without physically staying in the simulator or on the site.

The use of virtual reality headsets is a relatively new direction in the implementation of VR games. Nevertheless, there are already quite a few exciting developments here.

Virtual reality games

Need for Jump. Need for Jump is a fast-paced runner. The gamer is placed in some labyrinth where you have to get to the exit to pass the next level. While driving in virtual reality, the user in the real world remains in place. Running direction is determined by turning your head. But the game is not in vain called Jump! To climb a high stone in the labyrinth or jump over an opening, you really need to jump on the spot in real life.

Good drawing and skillfully chosen colours enhance the presence effect, and chips for earning bonus points increase interest. And hint arrows ensure that the gamer does not get lost. Particularly noteworthy is the presence of a multiplayer mode, thanks to which you can play with friends.

Project Cars. Project Cars is an auto racing game. The player “drives” a modern racing car and fights for victory with numerous rivals. Everything is natural, from the machine behaviour to the scenery on both sides of the track. The road passes through different types of terrain: through a field and a forest, through a metropolis, under viaducts, through mountain tunnels. This makes the game more colourful and realistic.

Small details, such as the engine roar, the force of pressing the accelerator, or the “real” image in the rear-view mirror, contribute to the same goal. If a gamer makes a mistake in controlling the car, then it, as expected, loses its course, turns around at speed, and flies off the track.

Virtual reality games

Temple Run VR. There is a small idol on a pedestal in the temple. Temple Run VR begins with the player being offered – take the idol if you dare. Well, how can you refuse! However, one has only to remove the figurine from its place as from somewhere above, out of the darkness, the guards descend – three fierce long-armed gorillas. There is only one way out – to run.

The player jumps out of the temple and escapes along a rocky road paved among a semi-futuristic landscape of snow-covered ruins and strange trees without leaves and branches. One gorilla is chasing from behind, the other two – on the sides. They interfere with running from time to time by arranging rockfalls in front of the player.

When the “back” monkey approaches, its shadow covers the player. And it looks a little creepy. Moreover, at any point, you can “look back” and look at it, as well as those on the sides. Vibrant colours, realistic environments, and a dynamic storyline guarantee an immersive experience.

GTA VR. GTA VR is the third instalment of the renowned Grand Theft Auto V game. Various locations, both on the streets or the metropolis and outside the city, are drawn with high quality. The player gets the impression of a complete presence in the thick of events.

Shooting Showdown 2 VR. In Shooting Showdown 2 VR, you can practice pistol shooting. The gamer offers a traditional indoor shooting range, as well as an open arena with targets. To reload the weapon, just tilt your head. If you want, you can call your friends to arrange a competition and determine the most accurate shooter.


From all that has been said above, the following is obvious. If we talk only about VR games, then this is an exciting adventure for a gamer and a profitable investment for an investor. Learn more about virtual reality in online casino games from the GGBet review. You can also find out all about GGBet mobile games there. If you think about the use of VR in industry, medicine, military affairs and other areas, then virtual reality will undoubtedly bring great benefits everywhere. In coupling with nanotechnology, VR can erase the separating line between the living world and the human imagination.

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