Turn Your Children’s Paintings into Beautiful Jewelry

Our precious children start growing creatively at a young age. As soon as they can begin their senseless scribbles with jumbo crayons, they are drawing pages and pages worth of art and presenting them proudly to their parents. Of course, as parents, we appreciate every last little smiley face or scribble cloud they hand us.

Child painting

But now and again a child’s painting can say something severely sentimental or even be a work of pure art in your eyes. Parent’s most likely wear rose coloured glasses when it comes to their children’s creations, but that’s how it’s meant to be. This may mean you want to immortalize their art into something wearable like beautiful jewelry.

Wearable Jewelry

We can always hope to save your child’s crayon drawings or paint splatters, but time and moving can easily make you lose track of these creations. That’s why the idea of turning your children’s paintings and other creations into wearable jewelry has taken off in recent years.

Encouraging the creative endeavours of your children is a great way to promote a healthy sense of creativity, self-awareness, and confidence. This means praising your children’s art no matter if you like it or not and then really letting them know how you feel about the ones you do truly appreciate.

It doesn’t have to be jewelry

Kids Toys

That’s right, it doesn’t have to be jewelry. There are plenty of different types of ways to turn your children’s art into something a bit more lasting. A few different methods include:

  • Turning your child’s drawings into stuffed animals
  • Turning your child’s design into the pattern for a blanket or a dress
  • Turning your child’s art into a real canvas print to hang up
  • Turning your child’s art into a custom book that they can read and touch

Jewelry is one of the more attractive ways that you can turn your child’s art into something more timeless, and to be honest, their drawings probably aren’t fantastic so they would translate into a whimsical piece.

How it affects them

If you decide to turn your child’s art into a book or stuffed animal it is a wonderful way to show that they can make anything they want to. They can proudly say they’ve illustrated a book or imagined that stuffed toy themselves. It’s also a great way to help them see how meaningful their gifts can be.

When your child is older and they see you still wearing that necklace where they drew a scribbly sheep or a portrait of you, they’ll know exactly how much you not only value them but what they produce. That will go a long way in boosting their self-confidence at his age. Knowing they are loved and cherished is a wonderful way to promote healthy growth.

A keepsake that will last

Turning your children’s art into a piece of wearable jewelry or another form of lasting art is giving you and your child a beautiful keepsake. It shows you care enough to do this, and will potentially give your child a keepsake when they are older to fondly remember their childhood.

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