Tricks to Help Relieve Baby Gas

As a new parent, did you have any idea babies were so gassy? Babies have several opportunities throughout the day and night to swallow excessive amounts of air. When they cry, they take in more air, and the more colicky your baby is, the more air she will take in. Other causes of gas include improper feeding positions, overfeeding, too much lactose (particularly in foremilk), food allergies, and food intolerance.

Relieve Baby Gas

Even if your baby is eating in the ideal posture, has no allergies, and has no colic, she may still have gas since her intestines are still creating the microflora she needs to digest meals properly.  Until her immature digestive system developed, this means one thing – GAS! As a result, all parents become professionals in helping their children in passing gas. In this article, we will discuss all the tips and tricks to help relieve baby gas.

1. Burp your baby twice

A lot of newborn discomforts are caused by swallowing air during feedings. Try giving your infant a gentle back pat mid-feed to get rid of swallowed air before it reaches the baby’s bowels, in addition to burping after each meal.

2. Control the air

Whether your baby feeds from the breast or a bottle, try feeding him in a more upright position to reduce the amount of air he swallows. Make sure your infant is correctly latched if you’re breastfeeding. Also, avoid shaking the bottle too much, as this can cause the milk to bubble up. Instead of powder, you might use a concentrated liquid or ready-to-feed formula.

3. Feed your baby before meltdowns


Of course, crying is unpredictable, especially in very young babies. Your kid, on the other hand, swallows more air the more he cries. To prevent hunger in infants, learn as much as possible about their early hunger cues.

4. Offer infant gas relief drops

Infant gas relief drops are usually regarded as safe for babies, while they do not work for every baby. Check the label and opt for formulations with as few preservatives as possible. Before you do anything, talk to your baby’s doctor.

5. Do baby bicycles

To manually help push out trapped air, place your baby on his back and gently cycle his legs in a bicycling motion toward his stomach. Alternatively, gently bring the baby’s knees to his tummy and hold for 10 seconds before releasing and straightening his legs. Rep the process several times.

6. Give your baby a rub-down

Baby massage

Massage may help your infant in passing gas. Begin with your baby’s tummy and work your way up to the shoulders, back, and legs. It could help him in relaxing enough to pass gas.

Tricks to Help Relieve Baby Gas 1

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