Trick Your Husband Into Dressing Better

When you first met, your husband used to dress to impress every time you went out together. Now that you’ve been married for a while, things have started to slip. When you didn’t see him every day, you didn’t notice that he only has three shirts and he wears the same pair of scruffy jeans all the time. While you still love him, it would be nice if he made a bit more of an effort sometimes, and took pride in his appearance. Telling him outright that you don’t like the way that he dresses is likely to cause problems, so you’ll have to be a bit more sneaky than that. Here are a few ways that you can casually make him look a bit sharper.

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Why Do They Dress That Way?

Before you start trying to change things, you need to work out what it is that makes him dress like that in the first place. Most of the time, men just aren’t really bothered about what clothes they were, they just choose whatever’s comfortable. By showing them that they can be comfortable and look good at the same time, you might encourage them to make better style choices. Another reason that they don’t update their wardrobe might be because they hate shopping. That might be your fault if you tend to drag them round for hours when you shop. Next time you go together, be quick and efficient and show him that it doesn’t have to be a chore.

By Him Gifts

You need to be subtle with this, don’t turn up at home with a whole new wardrobe and demand that he wears it. He’ll know exactly what’s going on. Instead, just buy him a few things that aren’t too out there and tell him you just spotted it and thought it would look good on him. If you can convince him to wear it, and he likes it, then he might be more inclined to start looking for his own stuff.


Whole new outfits might be a bit too much of a leap to start with. Buying him a few nice accessories will show him that he can look good with very little effort. Visit sites like frost nyc to get him a nice necklace, or consider a watch. Something practical can be slipped in without him even realising that you’re updating his style.

Encourage Him

Once you’ve actually got him to try on some new clothes, you’re over the first hurdle. The next step is to make sure that he actually carries on wearing them. Telling him that he looks good is important, otherwise he will just go back to his dirty old t-shirts. It’s also a good idea to get your friends to tell him he looks good as well the next time they see him, but make sure he doesn’t know you told them to obviously.

Go Places He Has To Dress Up

If you spend all of your time sitting around at home or going down the pub, you can’t blame him for not putting the effort in. If you take him to places that he needs to dress up for, he’ll be forced to do it more regularly. The more he does, the more likely he is to actually start enjoying it. Take him to nice restaurants that have a dress code, and when he meets your family, tell him that everybody will be dressed up. He won’t want to be the odd one out so he’ll make the effort, even if nobody else does.

Get Rid Of The Old Stuff

Out with the old, in with the new. That’s the key to completely replacing his wardrobe. But be careful, if you start doing it too quickly then he’s bound to notice what’s going on. His favourite pieces of clothing are going to have to be left until the end, he’ll not be happy about parting with them. Start with the stuff that he doesn’t wear as often. Get together some of your old stuff to donate to the charity shop and suggest that he throws a few things in as well. It’s for a good cause and if you’re both doing it, he won’t feel like he’s being attacked. Gradually work up to the bigger stuff, making sure that you replace each item before suggesting he throws the old ones away. He won’t feel like he’s losing anything that way and before you know it, he’ll have a completely fresh wardrobe. Maybe let him keep one pair of ratty jeans to wear around the house to keep him happy.

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