Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising DVD Review 1

Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising DVD Review


When I was a little girl, I loved all the major cartoons; Transformers, Thunder Cats, He-Man – I don’t think I was really into the girlie ones, in fact I can’t even think of any girlie ones right now? So it’s great that we now get to re-live our youth whilst keeping the children entertained as a new series of Transformers DVDs were released on 22nd October. You’ll have to forgive me for a being a little late on this one, it’s been a tough couple of months in the Mummy Matters household so let’s start thinking about the Christmas Shopping instead. Personally, I know a few little boys (and girls) who would be more than happy to open their stocking on Christmas morning and find this DVD awaiting them.

The story hasn’t changed much, it’s still features around our favourite ‘goodie’ Optimus Prime fighting for good over evil with his trusty team of autobots, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Arcee and Ratchet. In Darkness Rising we see the Autobots team up with three children Jack, Raf and Miko as they continue to fight the Decepticons, led by Starscream in the absence of missing Megatron. Megatron is found barely alive and once he has recovered he punishes Starscream. There are some great new characters to acquaint yourself with as Darkness Rising kicks off Season 1 and an uneasy alliance is formed when Earth comes under threat from the Unicron.

I wasn’t sure if the DVD was a little too ‘old’ for Beanie Boy but sitting down with Curly and Little Bean he loved it and declared it was ‘magic’ when the Robots turned into vehicles and vice versa. Curly is a big fan of Transformers and so he really enjoyed this DVD with its five episodes. He likes that he can just sit down and watch an episode when he feels like it rather than getting stuck in front of the TV for a long period of time, this also keeps me happy as I like to Police their TV viewing times!!

Title: Transformers Prime: Season One
Certificate: PG
DVD Format: DVD
Run Time: 47 mins approx
Genre:Children’s animated TV series
RRP DVD:£10.99

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