Top-rated Cbeebies series Kazoops release their first album

Introducing my children to music

I’m proud to say that all of my Beans love music, it’s something that they have enjoyed since they were in the womb when I would play them music through headphones around my bump. They all have their own music preferences and will dance around when their tunes are played, Jelly Bean just loves music in general and will often start randomly dancing when walking around the shops if the right piece of music catches his attention (he takes after his Mummy).

Discovering new music

We have recently been asked to check out a handful of the songs which are due to be released on a fun and catchy new album featuring the music from popular CBeebies show Kazoops. When I first showed the music videos to Jelly Bean he spotted the characters from one of his favourite CBeebies shows and started happily moving to the music.

Just Imagine

The new album titled ‘Just Imagine – Volume 1’ features 20 songs can be found on digital service providers including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and Youtube. Fans of the pre-school TV series will be able to either buy the album and individual songs or alternatively stream the music online.

CBeebies Sensation

Kazoops launched onto our screens in July earlier this year and has been inspiring children with it’s upbeat tunes, various genres and whimsical combinations of guitars, ukuleles, drums, glockenspiels, retro synths, string vocals and more. Jelly Bean will often join me in bed of a morning when he comes to wake me up equipped with the family iPad and we will snuggle up to watch a couple of his favourite shows or songs on YouTube. The Kazoops songs have definitely got our mornings off to a fun and happy start.

The beautiful songs from each episode successfully highlight the magic and power of a child’s imagination, and what sets the songs apart is that parents love and enjoy them too.

Patrick Egerton, Executive Producer, Cheeky Little Media, commented:

Music pervades Kazoops at all levels, and not just because each episode contains a unique song.


The seed of the series concept came from our song writer and performer Scott Langley. He had written these amazing songs about a boy and a pig who went on imaginary journeys. When we heard how ‘grown-up’ the music was, and how clever and funny Scott’s lyrics were, we knew we had the start of something cool for a pre-school audience. The songs are key to the show, and give us these visually rich adventures at the centre of each episode that are crucial to the story but can also stand alone as mini-music videos in their own right.”

Kazoops is all about Monty, a six-year-old boy who challenges life’s questions both big and small with the help of his limitless imagination and his best friend, Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig. In each episode, the duo enters make-believe worlds to challenge everyday preconceptions such as ‘do things have to be the same all the time?’ or ‘do all games really need rules?’

Finding our favourites

Our personal favourite is The Rain Song – which is bright and cheerful, not dull and miserable like most people portray the rain. As a family we have always enjoyed walks in the rain and seen it as an opportunity to go ‘Puddle Jumping’. The children love doing it themselves but they think it’s hilarious when me and Daddy join in too. So what if you get wet, you can soon get changed when you get home. As I always say, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.’  I would also urge you to check out Matching Socks which is another personal favourite, I’m almost inclined to wear odd socks from now on because of that video . . .


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