Top Notch Benefits of Including Wall Mixer Taps in Bathrooms

Think of the traditional times when pouring water into the bath basins was so hectic and time taking. One has to pour the water from two taps either cold or hot, isn’t it? With the introduction of mixer taps, one doesn’t need to stand and wait for the water to be filled. However, through mixer taps also you draw both cold and hot water, but both are combined and flow out through a single spout.

In the modern days, traditional tap designs are being replaced by wall mixer taps when it comes to bathroom renovation. Apart from just combining the hot and cold water, such taps contain additional features that have considerably reduced the hassles faced in the traditional systems. Don’t you worry; experts are there to assist you regarding its types and installation process.

Check Out the Benefits Obtained on Installing Wall Mixer Taps

Wall Mixer Taps

Style Variety

The wall mixer taps should be such that it looks stunning and stands apart from the usual bathroom designs. If you particularly want to style your bathroom with different tap designs, check out the different styles of mixer taps. There is an endless range that would really complement the bathroom designs. Do not get confused seeing the variants.


Wall Mixer Taps

The wall mixer taps can be installed in bath basins and bathroom basins. These are the perfect option for a shower bath and the cold and hot water can be separated easily. Such mixer taps have diverters that can be used for the shower as well as bath spout as and when required. You have to make choice from these considering your requirements.

Easy to Use

Usually, most of the models have a single lever that is quite easy to handle. The steps are quite simple and it includes lifting the lever at a certain level to ensure water flow. Basically, you don’t need to turn the taps of hot and cold water in order to get the perfect mixture. Every step taken is to make your experience blissful.


Installation of the wall mixer taps is pretty economical. The money you will invest is your hard-earned money and should be spent in useful places. This is possible because such taps are fitted with the flow limiters which further prevent one to take too much hot or cold water in order to get the perfect mixture. Practically, you use less amount of hot water which is not only good for the energy bills but for the environment as well.

Proper Control System

There were several limitations of the traditional tap systems. Although they had the chance of adjusting the heating temperature, it was limited to particular settings. However, such limitation or flaws are perfectly rectified in the modern mixer taps. The users particularly have better control of the temperature of the water. The best part of the wall mixer taps is that it allows the user to adjust the temperature as required thereby making it ideal for various uses.

Ensures easy maintenance

The wall mounted taps makes it quite easy to clean the bench areas. Cleaning the sink mounted taps is not only difficult but it even creates mould. However, wall mounted taps does not create such issues.

When it comes to renovation, installing the wall mounted taps can be a bit costly as one has to remove the old tap bases and designs. Apart from just making it modern, one even wants to choose some convenient and economical solution. Make a decision that is benefiting your requirements.

Benefits of including wall mixer taps in bathrooms

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