Tips on buying a used car

Used Car

Even though the used car market is now a much more tried and tested method of vehicle purchase there are still some fundamental concerns. If you do have worries about buying a used car there are some golden rules to follow:

Tips on buying a Used Car

  • Make sure you visit the car in person before agreeing to buy and especially before handing over any money.
  • Always check the big sellers for competitive rates on used car prices, this way you might have room to haggle on the day.
  • Check out the stats of a car; don’t just believe what the seller tells you about the spec of the car. Car reviews by Auto Trader are usually pretty on the nose.
  • Ask the seller what kind of prices they are paying for their insurance and tax on the car. Remember to ask about the type of cover they have, they might not be fully covered and have skipped out on things like GAP insurance.
  • Ask for the registration and the VIN (vehicle identification number) before making the journey to view the vehicle. There are many quick and easy car checking companies out there that, with this information can give you a good background of the car.
  • When setting up a viewing of the car, always try to go to the seller’s house. This way you have a better chance of scoping the seller out and determining if there are any problems. Never go to view a car alone or in a remote location.
  • If you’re looking to raise a deposit

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