Tips Every Mum Should Know to Have and Maintain an Organised Home

Being a mom translates into being a superhero that saves the world and looks after everyone although she is tired. You certainly feel the pressure of corresponding to “mum standards”, when you have to manage to do everything and have time to take care of yourself. But how can you do that when there are chores and children and work here and there? This article is meant to help you do that by implementing these tips and saving time to invest in your self-care routine and self-perfection.

1. Have a Container for Everything

Tips Every Mum Should Know to Have and Maintain an Organised Home 1

Knowing where to put something makes for the number one tip to organise the space around you. When you have a big home to take care of, new things appear that need to be placed. To not get stressed, when you need to buy extra food or want to hide your children’s toys, have additional containers and baskets at home. When everything has a specific container, it makes it easy to find something when you need it without spending too much time going over and wandering around. When it comes to baskets, they could serve as an excellent solution for housing newspapers, books, and other stationery items.

2. Practicality Comes First

Practice makes perfect, but is perfection what you truly want? Sometimes mums run after this idea of having everything perfect, from colours matching each other to furniture being from the same collection. This takes a lot of time from you that you can spend on yourself. Ask yourself, why do you want to achieve that perfection? To impress your husband or your friends and family or maybe yourself? Okay, but do you need it when you can opt for more practical solutions and have spare time for your wants and desires? Prioritise your needs over the obsession for perfection. Ask shop consultants and acquaintances for practical solutions that take less time and effort but can serve you for the years to come.

3. Incorporate Family Routines and Planners

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This tip will help you kill two birds with one stone. You will teach your children to be organised and what they need to do both indoors and outdoors. On the other hand, you will not spend time asking your children to do what they should, as growing up, they should assume more responsibility for their items and the space they occupy. For example, you can have a family routine that establishes who washes the dishes after breakfast. As for planners, get a family calendar and hang it in a visible place. The classic fridge door would make for a perfect option. Add there important dates, birthdays, and occasions. This would help you be prepared beforehand and not panic when something special is coming.

4. Declutter and Dispose Often

Chores often close your eyes at all the old stuff that should be either decluttered or disposed of. Decide on one or two days per quarter when you have a thorough look at everything that lives in your apartment (besides children) that has already been long enough and doesn’t serve its purpose. Those can be dolls that your children have outgrown or furniture and technology that you should replace. It would be much better if you apply for professional junk removal services that can even advise you on the usability of the items. You can sell some things and make additional income, while others can be donated to charity. This way, you will clean your home from everything outdated and have both space and energy for the new things to come.

Tips Every Mum Should Know to Have and Maintain an Organised Home 2

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