Things You Can Do To Keep Your Family Car On The Road For Longer

Your family car goes through a lot during the day. It will have to make the trip to and from school, ferry you around on all of your errands, and put up the chaos that comes with having young children as passengers. All of this activity takes its toll on a vehicle, and the harder it works the quicker it will fall into disrepair.

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Buying a new car is expensive, and some families will struggle to drum up the money fast enough. However, there are some ways to keep your family car on the road for longer. Read on to find out how.

Monitor The Fluids

The fluid in a car’s engine is like the blood pumping around our veins. In other words, it won’t get very far without them.

Your car needs oil to run smoothly. This fluid makes sure that everything under the bonnet works properly, and prevents the engine from blowing out. If this happens you will need to replace the whole thing or invest in a new car. You should find information about what type of oil you need and how to check it in your vehicle’s manual. If you struggle to find these details, the manufacturer or a local garage should be able to help.

Other necessary fluids that your car needs include brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. Again, keep these items topped up to avoid disaster. Performing regular checks can get you into a healthy routine.

Give It A Proper Run Out


A family car is often used for short, frequent journeys. These are the type of everyday trips that you don’t have time to walk but aren’t exactly an impossible distance. Using your car like this isn’t going to destroy your car immediately; however, it is not good for the engine.

Short car journeys don’t allow the engine enough time to warm up properly and stop the oil from circulating properly. This is bad for the engine for all the reasons detailed above.

Therefore, you should try to give your family car a long drive as often as you can to fully lubricate the engine. You can even make a day of it with the kids. Anyone struggling with ideas about how to plan a road trip should check out this guide by Campanella’s.  It doesn’t matter where you go, so long as you give the engine the workout it needs. These regular trips will ensure that your family car stays healthy to last a bit longer.

Avoid Driving With Heavy Loads

Your kids are likely to get up to all sorts of activities, some of which require you to load up the boot with all manner of equipment. While you have purchased a family car to deal with bulky objects, it isn’t wise to drive around with too much weight in the car.

Heavy loads can put pressure on your tires which forces the engine to work harder to move them. This action can damage both the tires and your engine in one swift blow. What’s more, you will have less control of the vehicle when you are weighed down. Less control means that you a more likely to crash.

Your vehicle’s manual should hold information about the maximum carry capacity of the car. There are other options that you can look into to move any heavy objects. Hire a van or invest in a trailer. Whatever you do just don’t wreck the family car.

Get Regular Check-Ups

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The only way to truly know how your car is faring in its advanced age is by getting it seen by a professional. These maintenance checks are required by law in most states, and this is because you need to know about any damages that could make driving the car dangerous. However, with OBDeleven you can keep a check on what’s happening under the bonnet at home, away or anywhere you like. OBDeleven is an automotive diagnostic software for programming, monitoring, adaptations and much more. It is used by the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, suppliers and dealers.

A regular check-up can give your car the healthy once-over it needs and can highlight any problems it may have early. The sooner you catch these issues the cheaper and easier they are to fix. A routine inspection may cost you a bit of money, but it is far cheaper than a heavy mechanics fee later on or having to buy an entirely new car.

Try To Park Indoors

Parking your car in a sheltered environment can protect it in ways that you may not have thought about. Keeping your car away from the elements is obviously going to protect the bodywork. Heavy rain and strong winds can scratch or chip away at the paintwork. Nobody wants to drive around in a haggard-looking vehicle if they can help it. However, did you also know that it is better for your engine when you choose to park indoors?

Extreme weather conditions can also have a profound effect on the insides of the car too. A heatwave can dry out your oil, and freezing temperatures can make warming up the engine more of a chore. Try to keep the temperature of your engine consistent and you will find that it lasts longer.

Frequently Check Your Battery Connection

Car battery

The battery might be one of the most important parts of your car; however, it rarely receives any maintenance. This powerful machine is responsible for starting your car, engaging the lights, and lessening the burden of other parts of the engine.

A car battery isn’t immune to damage, though. The cables that connect this device to the rest of the engine can slip over time. If these cables become loose you will find that your family car is going to struggle, making it work harder to perform simple tasks.

An easy way to tell if your battery is loose is by checking how many times the engine turns over when you engage the engine. If it is taking too long then you will need to re-engage the cables. This can be a tricky job, so don’t feel bad if you need to take it to a garage. These small jobs do not cost much and can prevent the need for a completely new battery.


Many of us feel attached to our family cars which is why it is so hard to say goodbye to them. At least now you know how to prolong the life of your car so that you don’t have to do so for a very long time.

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