The Snowman is 30 Years old!!! 1

The Snowman is 30 Years old!!!

The Snowman I don’t know about you but I’m thinking that is SOME Snowman and craftsmanship to last 30 years!! Seriously though, at first I thought “nah it can’t be 30 years” but then thinking back yes I remember that first Christmas when I was but a child myself and we all sat down to watch this magical tale by Raymond Briggs of a Snowman and his friendship with his maker, and yes I still remember the sadness I felt at the end when the boy awoke to find the Snowman had melted away.

It was Nanny G who first introduced Little Bean to The Snowman a couple of years ago when she bought the DVD for her. Little Bean loved it so much she would beg me to let her watch it every day for the next 6 months!! And how do I know it was this length of time? I was pregnant with Beanie Boy at the time and so in a morning when Little Bean woke up we would enjoy a cuddle under the duvet watching the DVD on the TV in Mummy and Daddy’s room from the warmth of our bed. It is a special time in our lives that I will never forget and will be forever reminded of every time I hear the music, see the characters or watch the film. I didn’t mind her watching the movie at all because it isn’t very long and it always used to provoke some interesting discussions like “why is there teeth in a glass?”. I think this is a family favourite which will evoke all kinds of memories for every family that it has touched.

To celebrate the movie’s 30th Anniversary a Special Edition of the DVD has been launched in High Definition on Blue Ray and DVD from 5th November with over 30 minutes of special features including an audio commentary with the producer John Coates and design supervisor Jill Brookes, along with Joanna Harrison and Hillary Audes, who put the original story board together. And Aled Jones and Peter Auty both give humorous perspectives on the common misconceptions surrounding the original recording of ‘Walking in the Air’.

Blu-Ray & DVD details
Title: The Snowman: 30th Anniversary Edition
Certificate: PG
DVD Format: Blu-Ray & DVD
Run Time: 26 minutes
Genre: TV
DVD RRP: £6.99
BLU-RAY RRP: £9.99

Special Features: 35 minutes

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