The Gallery: Mustachioed

This was a tough week for me, I struggled to find any funny pictures of me lurking in the archives with a moustache which I’m actually quite happy about.  Though I do remember one particular photograph of me is hiding somewhere with a fake moustache and I’m not sure this is the place to display that picture so I’ve had to get creative. 

I think its good for our children to have someone to look up to, to have someone who they respect and I just know that at some point in their lives they will probably find someone whose style they would like to copy, be they famous, friend or family.  I just wasn’t prepared for it to start so young?




This is Grandad – as you can see Beanie Boy has already mastered the hair but he’s now trying for a little facial hair to copy his idol.  I’m starting to see a definite resemblance are you?

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