The Best Ways to Savour Turmeric or the Golden Spice

Often dubbed as the golden spice, turmeric is faintly bitter yet offers a delicious aroma. Frequently used in South-east Asian and Indian cuisine, this tends to lend several dishes a deep flavour and a gorgeous hue. Laden with goodness, curcumin is a component in turmeric that brings you a whole host of health benefits. This remains one of the many reasons why so many choose to buy turmeric powder for their home kitchen.


If you’re looking for a way to enhance the flavour of soups, curries or even a find a nice spice rub, you must read on. This write-up elucidates the best turmeric recipes for every household!

1. Whip Up, Turmeric Chai!

An excellent brew when the winter comes around, a chai tea tonic can cure a bad case of sniffles. Apart from banishing your cold, a turmeric tonic has anti-inflammatory properties. All you must do is mix a pinch or two of turmeric powder into your tea and infuse it with the power of 2 whole peppercorns. You shall be surprised by how such a simple brew acts as a pick-me-up.

2. Roasted Vegetables With Turmeric And Lime

Be it hand-cut homemade fries or roasted veggies for your next wholesome meal; turmeric is the way to go. It makes a flavoursome marinade for bland veggies like potatoes, pumpkin, and zucchini. These can be roasted in the oven with a spice blend of turmeric, pepper, paprika, and salt. When they are out of the oven, simply squeeze a wedge of lime over them and dig right in!

3. Make Golden Scrambled Eggs

A staple in Asian and Thai cuisine, this spice pairs well with scrambled eggs as well. Simply imbibe a sprinkling of the spice when cooking your eggs in a pan and watch the eggs turn a beautiful golden colour. You must remember to balance the lightly acrid taste with a pinch of salt and pepper in to complete your recipe!

4. Vietnamese Stir-Fried Rice

If you’re embracing health food and using Brown rice or whole-grain rice as a part of your meals, then you must try stir-frying it with turmeric. Brown rice is best had with diced and sautéed tofu or eggs and turmeric along with spring onions and chickpeas.

5. Golden Spiced Pickles!

While you may occasionally pickle gherkins or onions, Indian meals are rarely complete without a tantalizing pickle. Since not every pickle is spicy, except the ones that use excessive chilli; these are incredibly palatable for people around the world. Right from carrots and beetroots to raw mango; the sky is the limit to ingredients perfect for that delectable pickle.

Copious amounts or oil or vinegar, salt and the right quantity of turmeric are integral to this recipe. While some tend to use saffron to colour the pickle, a cheaper yet more readily available ingredient is the golden spice.

6. An Essential For The Indian Dahl

Primarily used in Indian food, this spice is also called Haldi and is a core ingredient in a preparation called dahl that is essentially a mild lentil curry. Turmeric powder is responsible for the rich aroma and flavour this dish exudes in addition to its beautiful hue. It also makes a natural food colouring in case you wish to add a golden colour to your curries or stews. Dahl can be served with a smattering of brown rice or steamed rice for lunch or supper.

While fresh turmeric is incredibly potent, culinary experts recommend that you buy turmeric powder instead. Perfect for a wide array of recipes, this mustard yellow spice can introduce you to hitherto unexplored flavours.

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