The Benefits of a House System

Schools often use a House system where pupils are split into Houses that transcend the different year groups. The Houses usually have a name or colour, and the aim is to foster a sense of belonging and community within the Houses, and across the school more generally. Read on to learn from a primary school in Hillingdon about how a House system in schools benefits pupils. 

Socialising with different children

The Benefits of a House System
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Belonging to a House and participating in activities allows pupils to interact with children of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. It also helps foster their caring side as they support other children from different years, for example, helping them during sports day. This breaks down barriers between age groups and pushes children out of their comfort zones, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. 

Positive role models

If the House system is managed properly, children will most likely look up to older pupils, who will positively influence them. In turn, children will also become positive role models for younger pupils. Having opportunities to practise leadership skills within the House group will also be of benefit. Also, the House group’s structure and activities help prepare children for adulthood and the world of work where everyone plays different roles, and people come from all walks of life. 

Teacher relationships

The Benefits of a House System
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Having a House system in place allows pupils to interact with teachers differently, whilst also allowing teachers to get to know pupils as they move through the years. This helps strengthen relationships between students and teachers, fostering a shared interest in achieving a goal or completing an activity. 

Healthy competition

Often House activities include fun challenges that pit one House group against another, with pupils and teachers involved. The emphasis is on healthy competition and fair play, and it can be a great opportunity for your child to learn about ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ in a safe and supportive environment. They’ll also learn the importance of participating and trying, and working as part of a team. 

House groups within schools provide a sense of continuity throughout children’s time to counteract their separation into year groups. They will often look back fondly on activities they participated in for their House and remember it for years to come. 

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