• Commercial Refrigeration

    7 things businesses need to check ahead of Summer

    Summer will be here before you know it, in fact, the Met Office is already talking of more heatwaves to come before schools break up. This means now the perfect time to get ahead of the important tasks for your business before the heat turns up and the customers start flocking through your doors. Refrigeration […]

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  • How To Prepare Your Home For A Hot Summer

    Australian summers are often one of the hardest times of the year, the current UK heatwave has nothing on Australia. Day to day tasks become harder and living in constant high temperatures can be draining. Having a cool home to stay comfortable in during the summer months is essential to ensuring a good summer. Read […]

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  • Scruffs Cool Mat

    Bramble’s cool with Scruffs Cool Mat

    You may recall when I first introduced you to Bramble that I had a nickname for him, Tim nice-but-dim? Well, the name has stuck because he hasn’t become any more intelligent since he has settled into home life. He is a lovely boy though and we love him dearly so I guess we wouldn’t have […]

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  • Fashion World

    Dress up for Summer with Fashion World

    Since being a work at home Mum I fell into the trap of living in jeans day in, day out. Slowly but surely I am changing my ‘uniform’ and have been incorporating more dresses into my daily wardrobe, the effect is I feel more feminine, fit for the occasion and like I’ve actually made an […]

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  • 5 tips on getting your home ready for summer

    Summer is almost there, hence we start making plans of what we will do once it is here. One of the important things is to get your home ready for summer. Here are five practical tips cleaners in the Helpling-app shared to make sure you home is ready for summer. As the days are getting […]

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  • 4 Tips for Entertaining Guests This Summer

    It’s always a joyous occasion when you have guests coming over, especially if they’re visiting after a long time. It goes without saying that you would want everything to be absolutely perfect for your guests so that they fully enjoy the time they spend at your residence. However, sometimes it’s just downright confusing to think […]

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