• Nintendo 3DS

    What we’re playing on Nintendo #1

    The older the children get, the more they are loving their Nintendo consoles. Thankfully we haven’t quite got to the stage of having to physically prise them from their fingers when they have been playing for too long but they love them enough that it’s a deterrent when we threaten to confiscate them if they […]

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  • #NintendoKids

    An afternoon of fun for our #Nintendokids

    With Christmas fast approaching we were delighted to be invited to the #Nintendokids press event at White Space in London. Unfortunately Curly wasn’t able to join us which was a shame as he would have LOVED it! Little Bean and Beanie Boy certainly did as it was a chance for them to play all the […]

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  • Tomodachi Life

    Tomodachi Life is here to stay!

    I always knew that being on the Nintendo Blogger Network panel would go down well with the Beans, I mean who wouldn’t WANT to play games for Nintendo? Curly, Little Bean and Beanie Boy each have their own Nintendo 2DS (we bought two of them and received one for being on the panel) and I […]

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  • Mario Kart8

    Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U

    Mario Kart has long been our game of choice, it’s the game that Curly always wants to play against Daddy and I (probably because he knows that he can beat us) and it’s the one that the younger Beans have learned to enjoy too but as our ‘leisurely’ gaming family goes we do tend to […]

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  • Nintendo Kart

    Designing our own Nintendo Karts!

    As members of the Nintendo Family Blogger Network we are sometimes asked to do little challenges and the latest one revolves around the release of the fab new game Mario Kart 8. Maro Kart was perhaps one of the first games that I started playing on the Wii many moons ago and is still one […]

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