• What happens to debt

    What Happens To Debt When Someone Dies?

    What happens to debt when your parents, spouse or partner dies? Does the debt disappear, or can you inherit someone else’s debts? The answer depends on whether you are also liable for the debt.  When someone dies, the debt they leave behind them, whether credit cards or debt consolidation loans for poor credit, is settled […]

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  • Balance Transfer cards

    How to manage your overdraft with balance transfer cards

    Whether it’s because of unexpected expenses, poor money management or a monthly wage shortfall, using an overdraft on a month-by-month basis is becoming an increasingly popular borrowing option. With overdraft fees currently sitting at around 15-20% APR, or between 50p and £3 per day, borrowers will see a huge increase in their overdraft fees in […]

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  • Debt Consolidation Loans

    A Single Loan for All Your Loans: Debt Consolidation Loans

    As stated by www.forbes.com, 43% of adults carry debts. Taking a loan is not a new and innovative concept within the money market. Numerous people are responsible for dealing with both the secured as well as the unsecured debts at every moment in their life. However, the fact that people tend to get confused when […]

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