Stay outside longer in Gamma – the Graphene Heated Jacket

Gamma is the lightweight jacket for outdoor adventures in all seasons from WearGraphene. I have been wearing the Gamma jacket for the last couple of weeks to put it through its paces and tell you honestly what I think of it. I have previously heard of graphene jackets and how they are the thinnest materials and packed with graphene’s amazing properties (more on that later), so I was looking forward to seeing what this everyday jacket has to offer.

Gamma – The Graphene Heated Jacket

Gamma Graphene Heated Jacket

Gamma is the ideal travel jacket that has been missing from my life! The jacket is graphene-infused to help you maintain the optimum temperature and stay dry no matter what the weather. The Gamma graphene infused heated jacket is ultra-lightweight, soft, yet durable and seriously comfortable. The fabric helps to maintain comfortable body heat, wicks moisture and is just as brilliant in warmer weather as it is in cold. The long list of properties adds up to the best climate jacket you could ask for, whether you want something lightweight to get you started on the morning run or as the perfect outer layer when you’re wrapped up for sub-zero temperatures.

My favourite part has to be the carbon fiber heating elements which keep you warm on those seriously cold days and all the pockets.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a one-atom-thick material that can be made from carbon atoms. It is composed of hexagonal lattices of carbon atoms. Graphene is a form of graphite that has been stretched into atomic thinness. Graphene, known as supreme graphene has many properties that make it desirable for use in many applications including being stronger than diamond, the thinnest material ever discovered, the strongest material ever discovered, the most flexible material ever discovered, and the most durable material known to man. It also has many other properties such as being ultra-breathable and lightweight, thermoregulating and antimicrobial fabric which make it very desirable for use in clothing. It won’t hold bad smells and dries really quickly after light showers and heavy downpours.

Uniform Heat Distribution

As a parent of two football fanatics, I spend a lot of time standing around on the sidelines watching my children play in all weather. Let me tell you, it gets baltic standing around in high winds and driving rain. The Gamma is going to be a game-changer for me because it keeps the upper body warm with heat-up panels across the back and in the front pockets to keep my hands warm. It has 3 adjustable heat settings so you can select the desired heat for different weather and your comfort.

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You need a small power bank to charge the jacket, the power bank fits neatly into a pocket and at the push of a button your jacket warms up in a matter of seconds and will stay warm for as long as your power bank has a charge in it.

Ten Pockets!

I have to admit, when I first put my jacket on, I giggled to myself as I announced to my kids “it has a lot of pockets” sounding like Yelena from Black Widow. It has 10, yes you read that right, 10 pockets! I particularly love the hidden pockets that are great for storing your bank card, id cards and cash.

  • 2 x chest pockets
  • 2 x front pockets
  • 2 x inner chest pocket
  • Hidden sleeve pocket
  • Arm pocket
  • Button-closing inner pocket
  • Power bank pocket

My Gamma Experience

Graphene Heated Jacket

My husband will testify how much I love a jacket, he may even say I have a slight obsession with them but I just like to have different jackets for different occasions. The problem with this is when we go away on holiday I end up having to take 2-3 with me to keep all bases covered – no need to pack a cool-weather jacket, winter jacket or a selection of light jackets. With the Gamma, I can take just the one jacket and I am sorted come rain or shine.

I took the Gamma away with me on our recent weekend break to North Yorkshire and I am so grateful I did. Standing up on the hill exploring Whitby Abbey the wind blew strong and cold. I quickly grabbed my jacket from the car, zipped myself up and popped on the heating panel.

In a matter of seconds, I was warm and cosy and able to focus on enjoying spending time with my family. The Gamma is extremely soft and flexible to wear, it almost feels like a second skin. I love the soft integrated fingerless gloves for my hands and the velcro straps to stop the wind whistling up your sleeve during cold weather.

On the inside at the back is a rain hem that can be unzipped and dropped down to provide additional protection again the rain although I didn’t need to test this out I did drop it down for the photographs.

The hood is a brilliant size for a rain jacket and can be pulled in tighter with the toggles to stop it from falling down in the wind. The high neck keeps your neck and chest cosy from the wind chill.

Is Gamma worth the money?

Graphene Heated Jacket

The older that I have got and the more money I have spent, I have come to realise that for certain things, you get what you pay for. With the Gamma, this rings true. This jacket is extremely durable, I have rough and tumbled with my dogs yet their claws haven’t marked it in the slightest thanks to the graphene. It has got very muddy on more than one occasion and after a turn in the washing machine has come up like new. I can honestly say, the only way you won’t get your wear out of the Gamma is if your weight increases dramatically and you can no longer zip it up.

In short, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Gamma to anyone in the market for an outdoor adventure jacket. This is perfect for work, rest and play, whether you just want a jacket for your Sunday walks, a trip to the city, cycling down the country lanes (or even on the dirt track) or a bracing stroll on the beach.

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