Smiggle Stationery – where a smile meets a giggle!

If there’s new stationery around, I want to know about it. It’s been my guilty pleasure since I was a child. I am a hoarder of stationery on a HUGE scale and so I was delighted to be sent a bundle of goodies from which are awash with bright, fun and funky colours. Being the good Mummy that I am I shall be sharing some of these with the Beans BUT I may be snaffling a couple of pieces into my own secret stash!!

Smiggle Stationery

Initially I was asked if I would like to choose a few items myself from the range but honestly, I was like a child in a sweet shop and couldn’t make a decision so I asked them to surprise me and I was delighted with their choices.

Smiggle Stationery

The blue ball pen you see above has a fun rollerball maze around the barrel which could be great for when you get stuck in a meeting and start losing the will to live (we’ve all been there at one time or another). The BriteStix is a Highlighter Crayon which is really easy to use and can just be twisted up as the crayon wears out. The multicoloured zipper pencil case is great fun as all zips are operable, just remember to zip them all up before you pick it up or you’ll be collecting your pens off the floor! I may have snaffled away the scented inkball pens in different colours as they took me right back to me youth will be perfect for note-taking to really make the important information stand out. Little Bean LOVES the Smiggle eraser treats which come in a cute little box. These also take me back to my youth as I used to collect erasers – my Grandad would always bring new ones back for me whenever he went away. The long twisty coloured strip with the eraser treats is a super-long bendy eraser which will be perfect for someone who makes a lot of mistakes, it should keep you going for a while!

Smiggle stationery

The Smiggle Town Sticker Book has been nabbed by Little Bean too, it’s pages are so bright and cheerful each one depicting an area of Smiggle Town with fun stickers at the back of the book to make the book your very own design. This is perfect for keeping young girls entertained on long journeys.

Smiggle stationery

The ‘Where in the world are we? Travel journal’ is perhaps my favourite item of all although sadly we don’t have any foreign travels planned for the time being until funds will allow it but when we do I shall buy extras of these to give to the Beans so they can record their memories of their travels. There are pages with maps to show them where they are going to, a check list to help them pack.


Smiggle stationery

There are pages to add photographs and record memories of where they have been, what they saw, what they ate, what happened during their stay. They can write about the friends they made and how they felt at the end of their holiday with stickers at the back to embellish their records. I wish I’d had one of these when I went on my travels.

If you have seen anything that you like then you can find these and more at or you can visit their store in Westfield Stratford in London with further stores following soon.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent the above pictured items for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.

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