Skincare trends to look out for in 2023

More people are taking care of their skin as doing so not only enhances one’s looks, but it’s also a form of self-care that can be beneficial for well-being. Skincare products and services will continue to be in demand as recent data shows that the global skincare market is expected to generate up to $177 billion or about £146 billion in 2025. In the coming year, newbies and skincare aficionados alike will get to witness how certain treatments and products will gain popularity as people rave about them in real-life and online spaces all around the globe. If you’re thinking about upgrading your skincare routine, here are a few skincare trends to be on the lookout for in 2023.

The Return of Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has been a dependable skin ailment remedy since ancient times, and its positive effects have been medically proven through studies. Not only does it control sebum production, but it also helps to tighten the pores. This is why it’s continued to be used in its raw form or blended into prescription skincare products, and next year, we can expect to see a resurgence in the popularity of this botanical extract. Though it gained a bad rap for being overly drying, next year’s iteration of witch hazel products is predicted to be milder and more hydrating as they’ll be combined with moisturizing ingredients derived from nature, such as lavender and chamomile. Apart from toners, expect to find witch hazel in other products such as sheet masks, serums, and cleansers. 

Less Focus on Perfect Skin

The desire to have flawless skin has always been present in the majority of individuals, and for many years, companies have taken countless opportunities to fulfil this wish by releasing products that promise to perfect the skin. However, as it has become cooler to embrace your natural looks, it is predicted that there will be less focus on achieving perfect skin and accepting your skin condition while treating certain concerns at the same time.

Take the case of pimple patches, for instance. For years, skincare companies have strived to create thinner, almost invisible patches to hide the fact that you’re camouflaging a pimple. But with the recent release of sticker-like patches that look like stars, tiny flowers, and the like, showing off one’s blemishes could be the next big thing. Apart from that, we can expect to see more skin tints that show the true texture of one’s skin while providing extra-strength sun protection and body lotions that nourish the skin instead of giving a brightening or tanning effect. 

Slugging for Improved Skin Hydration


Slugging, or putting on a thin layer of petroleum jelly or another occlusive to seal in moisture as the last step of your evening skincare routine, made the rounds on TikTok this year. While some questionable skin trends came out of the app in 2022, this is the one trend that dermatologists actually approve of since it can stop moisture loss, especially if you live in a place that has an extremely dry climate. Since winters are expected to be harsh in 2023, we can expect that slugging will continue to be trendy, and more products (other than Aquaphor and Vaseline) ideal for slugging will be released in the market in the coming months.   

Skincare should be a top priority in 2023. Check out these upcoming trends to care for your skin and revamp your skincare routine next year. 

Skincare trends to look out for in 2023 1

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