Single Mums’ Quest for Additional Income in the UK

From juggling parenting responsibilities with work to managing household finances alone, being a single mum in the UK comes with a unique set of challenges. Amongst these challenges is often the quest for financial stability for the family.

The balancing act of keeping up with work, childcare and personal wellbeing without the support of a partner is nothing short of heroic. For many, this can understandably result in both emotional and financial strain – especially with the ever-rising cost of living adding an extra complication.

But many single mums are also finding opportunities amongst these challenges and discovering ways to supplement their income streams.

Additional Income

A multi-income individual is anyone who has more than one income stream. For example, they might have a ‘normal’ Monday to Friday job and sell arts and crafts online in their spare time or have several part-time jobs.

Many people with more than one source of income find that it helps take the edge off some expenses. For example, it can help pay off household bills, or even free up finances to be spent on more fun things like holidays. 

For some single UK mums, becoming a multi-income individual isn’t just an option or a luxury – it’s a necessity.

One option that is growing in popularity amongst single-working mums is becoming a Utility Warehouse (UW) Partner.

Becoming a UW Partner not only offers single mums an extra income but also a flexible way to do it.

It’s simply recommending friends, family and acquaintances to UW’s range of home services (including energy, broadband and mobile). This can be done in their own time, and at any time – allowing mums to work around their lives and family, and the choice to work as much or as little as liked.

Partners earn a commission through successful referrals, which can create a source of passive income over time and bolster their overall financial well-being.

Other than a one-off £10 joining fee and a small monthly fee of £3 to cover tools and training, Partners aren’t required to spend any more money on their business, making it a more cost-effective option. And they’re not obligated to become customers themselves either – although many do choose to because UW’s services can often save their customers money compared to bigger providers.

Single mums are also saving money on their regular household bills with UW Cashback Cards.

As well as competitive prices, particularly when more than one service is bundled together, Utility Warehouse also offers its customers the UW Cashback Card.

Cardholders earn cashback every time they shop with it, which comes straight off their monthly UW bill. This allows them to save money while shopping for anything from groceries to holidays. Currently, the Cashback Card earns cardholders up to 10% when shopping with UW’s retail partners and 1% everywhere else.

By making the most of this perk, single mums are able to stretch their budget further for their families’ needs.

Financial Independence

Needless to say, solo parenting carries a lot of financial responsibility. But as tough as it is rewarding, it can also give single mums the freedom to work towards financial independence on their own terms. And by taking control of their finances and carving out a bright future for themselves and their children, single mums are rewriting the narrative of single parenthood.

Earning a passive income or having multiple income streams (or both) is a great way to boost overall finances. But it’s also a great opportunity to unlock more opportunities to save money, build up a ‘rainy day’ pot, and even work towards financial freedom.

There are now more ways to earn an extra income than ever and more opportunities to monetise skills you already have. For example, teaching English as a foreign language, signing up as an Uber driver, setting up an online dropshipping shop and more. The great thing about the UW Partner opportunity is that anyone from any walk of life can join without any previous experience.

There’s no denying that the journey towards financial independence is a challenging one. But through hard work and determination, single mums across the UK are taking matters into their own hands and changing their lives for the better.

Whether earning one or several side incomes or making savvy savings, modern single mums are smashing old stereotypes and securing stable futures for their families.

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