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The legendary Sinbad slot machine is the new title to hit the collection of software developer, Quickspin. Experience a swashbuckling adventure where players will get to rise up to the challenge and beat the obstacles in the Sinbad slot machine. Complete daring rescues and unlock special treasures to find the mythical prizes behind dastardly monsters. The Sinbad slot machine will have an incredible backdrop of fascinating locations where our hero will journey through. It’s up to you to see if you can live up to the legend and spin on this 5×3 reel grid, with a total of 40 pay lines to win on. Join the incredibly handsome and daring adventurer free demo slots.

What Does Sinbad Online Slot Bring?

Sinbad Slot

The slot machine Sinbad is all based around the great hero and the amazing adventures that he sets out in the search for a mythical treasure. Armed with his trusty crew, the legendary explorer will come across all manner of beasties and jewels. Some can award you prizes while others are there for decorative functions. The online Sinbad slot machine aims to create a whole new world for you to get lost in while you play, making it the prime stepping-stone towards some truly amazing awards. All of this can be yours and more once you begin your journey into this game.

To play Sinbad slot game, you must spin the reels on this 5×3 grid slot machine and compete to land specific combinations. These combos are what can grant you the magnificent prizes that lay in wait. Depending on what and exactly how many of them you can collect will determine the type of award that can be given to you. Continue to play, and you can be in the reach of special bonuses as well. These bonuses will reward you with more chances of winning and keep you going for longer. Play Sinbad slot game your own way and mix things up in your own adventure.

Below is a paytable that can assist you in figuring out exactly how much the symbols are worth. You can check out this paytable by viewing the information page located in the bottom left. The symbol payouts correlate with the amount of which you bet. When the bets changed, so too will the results. You will also earn more if you score more than three of a kind. Aiming for five is the max payout you can get in the game. Here is what you can win with the smallest bet made:

  Symbol Description  Symbol Value (3x to 5x)  
The basic paying symbols in the Sinbad slot game are the shining jewels that belong in the standard treasure chests. These come in five different colours and will be the most common treasure of the journey.  Orange, blue and green gem: 0.04 – 0.20   Purple and white gem: 0.04 – 0.30  
The higher paying symbols are the various members of Captain’s crew. Each of them has its own colour to keep them separate and identifiable, also, trustworthy.  Green and blue sailor: 0.10 – 0.60   Purple sailor: 0.20 – 1.00  
The highest paying symbols are the two main characters of the story – our hero himself and the mysterious traveller woman who hides a sinister secret. Landing them both will open new rewards to you and help you discover the real treasure. Sinbad can be landed with only two of a kind.  Traveller: 0.20 – 1.00   Sinbad: 0.04 – 1.00  

The minimum bet that you can make is a total of 0.01. The max bet that you can make in the game is a total of 2.00. Betting can be changed below the reels used the modifier laid before you. This lets you choose the coin value size and number of coins to bet. RTP is calculated at around 97.08%. You can start spinning the reels yourself automatically by using the autoplay feature. Simply deactivate it by pressing the auto spin button once more.

The best part about the game is the fancy bonuses that lie in wait for you to snatch up. Many of which are of the same feature but have many different variations added to them, providing a unique benefit with whatever one you land or choose to bring up. Some of them can grant better chances of winning while others can increase the reward value altogether. You can find the exact same rules available on the Sinbad free online slot. Both versions will do the exact same. Here is a list of what you can gain from these bonuses:

  • The reels can randomly stack together to create more alternate ways of forming combinations. This can cause new combos to line up where there weren’t any possible before.
  • The Free Spins feature comes in three distinctive forms. All of them are from landing the special monster Scatters. As long as you land at least three Scatters in a row, players will able to decide which added benefit from the three kinds of free spins will work best for them.
  • The Ape Bonus will unlock the power of locking Wilds. Locked Wilds will stay in place after every spin. This means that you can lock together many Wilds to cover the entire reels, giving you almost guaranteed chances of scoring a win. This will award 7 free spins.
  • The Roc Bonus is based on an ancient flying bird that the hero faces. This will award 10 free spins. Diamond symbols act as extra Wilds, allowing you to use them to gain more gap fills for possible combinations.
  • The giant Snake Bonus awards the largest number of free spins at 12. The snake will travel across the reels and leave behind more Wilds in its wake. Pretty soon you could have plenty of Wilds to use up as the free spins go on. This means you can grab more common prizes more fruitfully.

How to Play Sinbad Free Online Slot?

If you wish to just start playing for fun and at your own pace, you can play Sinbad slot online for free by visiting the official website of Quickspin. You can also find the demo version from our very own review page, as well as others like it. The free online Sinbad slot machine requires no downloading or registrations. Just start playing the free version with no real money to start worrying about. The control panel and game’s functions work exactly the same as in the full paid version. Enjoy yourself with no risk to your finances and experience everything the slot has to offer.

How to Play Play Sinbad Slot Game for Real Money?

If you want to start playing for the real thing, here are the few extra steps needed to be taken in order for you to do so. Start by trying to find an online casino that has this game available in their portfolio. Our own recommendation from the review page can do just that. We can also show you which casinos can offer better bonus deals and special promotions so that you can get more out of your playtime. Once selected, start by registering with your details and get yourself signed up. Once that is completed, simply choose your payment method and start depositing.

Community Wins and Their Tips

The max jackpot of the game is 500. This is done by betting the total amount that you can put into and then use the Free spins to score this bet again and again in every spin. The increased Wilds will offer you a bigger chance of winning. The more free spins and bonuses there are, the bigger your rewards can be. 

Interesting Facts

Sinbad himself is a fictional hero that comes from the middle eastern tales. He was originally a late addition to the fables of One Thousand and One Night. However, he did not feature in these stories until the late 14th Century, with forbidden, manuscripts being discovered in that time. Many of his tales involved him travelling the seven seas and battling against mythological figures.

Verdict If you wish to enjoy an exciting slot filled with adventure and vivid detail, Sinbad slot game is certainly the one for you. It has everything from high-quality animations to impressive winning potential. Everything about it revolves around player customizations and potential, meaning you can decide how to win your own way. Carve your own path just like the legendary man himself.

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