Should You Try Doing Botox at Home?

Are you tired of having face wrinkles? You want to look younger, don’t you? If you feel the urge to do botox at the convenience of your home, you need to know if it’s safe or not.

The procedure of doing botox requires you to use injections that contain onabotulinumtoxinA toxin used for temporarily freezing muscle movement. Frozen muscle movement may result in you having the injection in the wrong area. Not even medics have the privilege of administering botox to themselves.

Should You Try Doing Botox at Home?
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To help you understand this better, we have invested hours of research, and we will break it down for you in this article.

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Why You Should Not Try Doing Botox at Home

Poorly done botox is fatal. Why is it deadly? Well, the injection itself contains Botulinum, which is a toxin. This toxin is extracted from deadly food poisoning, causing bacteria. Toxins are harmful to the body when administered incorrectly.

Once the botulinum toxin disrupts the neurotransmitters, a communication breakdown occurs in the nervous system. This breakdown means that some muscles will not be in a position to respond to any commands. Consequently, doing the procedure by yourself at home may result in muscle injury or nervous system difficulties if you use the wrong dosage or interfere with the wrong nerves.
Botox is a medical procedure that should be performed by a trained professional. You can easily find reputable Botox clinics near you by doing a bit of research online.

How Botox Works

Botox injections block the chemical signals responsible for muscle contraction through disruptions in the nervous system. After the neurotransmitters have been disrupted and the correct muscles have been paralysed, healing in targeted body parts occurs. This muscle paralysis results in temporarily getting rid of unwanted wrinkles. For people with uncontrolled eye blinking, the struggle is eased, resulting in a more comfortable life.

Migraines are also eased by the communication cut off in the nervous system. In some cases, arrhythmias get cured. It is important to note that doing the botox procedure at home is discouraged is it can cause injury due to wrong area injection.

Look at it this way; if you intend to have the injection on your face, there are numerous nerves responsible for various muscle responses. If you mistake the injection area, you could cut communication with the respiratory system resulting in breathing difficulties.

Other possible injuries due to injecting the wrong area on the face include dropping of muscles surrounding the eyes, dry mouth resulting from temporary paralysis of muscles responsible for maintaining a continuous flow of saliva, and even double vision in some extreme cases.

Why People Do Botox

At times, you will note a few muscles in your body have contracted. The contraction is often unappealing to the human eye. For this reason, people often turn to botox.

The primary reason for doing botox, whether at home or in a professional medical centre such as Ethos Spa, Skin & Laser Center, is to eradicate unwanted facial wrinkles through muscle relaxation. However, the same botox injections are used in the treatment of conditions that hinder effective body functioning, such as:

Treatment Of Cervical Dystonia

Neck pain
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Individuals with this condition suffer from pain caused by involuntary contraction of neck muscles. The head twists into extremely uncomfortable positions. If you have such a condition, don’t try doing botox at home, it would be best to visit a qualified doctor.

Correction Of Lazy Eye

In the case of lazy eye condition, muscles responsible for the eye’s correct positioning are usually imbalanced.

Internet searches often advise on how to correct such conditions using botox. Even if the diagnosis is correct, you must visit a doctor instead of doing botox at home.

Treating Muscle contractures

Cerebral palsy is one of the neurological conditions that cause the pulling of limbs towards the centre of the human body. Botox injections help in the relaxation of these contracted muscles. Some people prefer buying the botox injections and doing the procedure at home.

The practice is discouraged because it could worsen the condition if an incorrect dosage is administered.

Correcting Hyperhidrosis

Your body may experience excessive sweating in abnormal conditions. These conditions include sweating without any physical activity that would prompt the secretion of sweat or sweating when the temperature is on a level that doesn’t call for sweating. Visit this site to learn more on how to treat hyperhidrosis.

Botox injections help reduce excessive sweating incidences. However, you should seek professional medical help if you experience such difficulties instead of doing the botox procedure at home. 

Curing Chronic Migraine

Curing Chronic Migraine
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Some people complain of severe headaches that occur even up to more than fifteen days in a month. These migraines have a huge impact on the productivity of an individual.

Botox injection helps in reducing the frequency of having migraines. If you experience migraines for more than 15 days a month, Botox injections may reduce headache frequency.

The Risks Involved In Doing Botox at Home

Visiting the doctor’s office for a botox injection is safe though there are side effects of botox use. In addition to this, doing the botox at home has fatal risks that include the following:

Experiencing allergic reactions

Different people are allergic to varying allergic reaction triggers. If you use the botox at home and aren’t aware of the injection’s chemical makeup, you risk administering a possible allergic reaction trigger. Therefore, you must seek professional help and discuss your allergies with the doctor.

Rashes Around the Injection Site

Inserting the injection needle in the wrong manner could result in rashes.


Itching is another side effect of using botox. If you respond to the itching by continuous screeching, you risk causing more harm to your skin. Wounds are a possible outcome of the scratching.


If you inject the botox on the wrong area of your face, you risk injuring a muscle that results in straining. Straining causes terrible headaches.

Stiffness In the Muscles

Botox injections paralyse muscles temporarily. Having the injection done on the wrong muscle is likely to cause muscle stiffness meaning your body does not exercise its full functioning capacity. For instance, if the muscles responsible for twitching are stiff, you will experience vision difficulties.

Other risks of doing botox at home include experiencing pain on the back or neck, neck nerve damage causing difficulties when an individual is swallowing, respiratory challenges, weak muscles resulting from exhaustion, digestive system problems, and infections around the needle entry point.

Final verdict

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A successful botox procedure leaves the skin looking more beautiful. A positive botox outcome boosts one’s confidence in a great way. However, as discussed above, doing botox at home carries major risks to the human body.

Whenever you experience a condition that needs botox treatment, it would be best to consult a medic. This will help you avoid complications that may arise as a result of risky botox injections.

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