Should you get a pet as a present for Christmas?

Christmas is just behind the corner, and we are all excited about it. Are you ready with your shopping for gifts for all of your loved ones? If you haven’t, maybe you already have your list and will fill the gaps at the last minute. Many people consider getting a pet to some of their friends who are animal lovers or for a kid asking for one for ages. But is this the right decision?

A pet is a commitment for life

Should you get a pet as a present for Christmas? 1

When you get a pet for yourself or some of your close ones, you should know that this is a commitment for life. The pet won’t be around only for the Christmas vacation, but you will have to take care of it after the initial excitement is gone. Especially if you got the pet as a present for a kid, they should understand that this is a responsibility and is not only playing with the pet for a couple of days. 

For example, getting a cat would mean that you need to do your homework and know how to take the proper care of it. For example, when and should you feed wet food to your cat immediately, or is it too young still? Good pet food is crucial for a pet to be healthy and grow. So, if you are getting a kitten as a present for a friend, make sure that you are also prepared for at least the first couple of days. Include the first bag of litter and also the proper food. 

We all consider having a kitten, a puppy, or a bunny would be so fun, and it can be. But the cares we need to put into it are not something to be taken lightly. You need to ensure they have enough space, enough time, and resources to take care of a pet. Are you sure that your loved one for whom you plan to get a pet as a present can do so? 

Will you get the right pet?

We all have that friend that always says, “I would like to have a dog” or “I am planning to get a dog,” and they have been repairing that for years. Maybe this year you decided to get them a dog yourself to make them very happy. But do you know exactly what dog would they want? 

There are so many breeds, and dogs can come in many sizes. Does your friend want a small dog or a huge one? Maybe they would like to have a Saint Bernard as a pet, but they live in a small apartment that will not provide sufficient space for such a big dog. Unless you are sure what kind of bread or at least the size of a dog or another animal your friend wants, it is better not to risk it. 

Also, you have to consider other factors like if your friend is living with a partner or a roommate that might be against getting a pet. The other person may be allergic to cats, and no matter how much your friend wants one, they can’t get one without causing issues for their living companion. Not considering such external factors might be a big issue, and it might not end well for the poor little animal that might have to be returned to the shop or shelter. 

Can your friend take care of the pet?

Pet as a present for Christmas

Having a pet is a blessing, but it also causes some restrictions. For example, if your work involves travelling, having a pet will be challenging if your job involves travelling. You will have to make sure that there is someone to take care of the pet meanwhile. If you don’t have a family member or a friend to do that, you will have to count on a pet hotel, and this might be pricey if you need to leave your four-legged friend too often. 

The budget required for taking care of a pet is also to be kept in mind. You will have to know if your friend will be capable of getting everything the pet might need in the future. Not only food but all the accessories, medical care bills they might need, etc. If the pet you are getting is a big dog, then the monthly food it will need can be quite expensive. 

If a person doesn’t have a pet, there is a reason

Many people love animals and will love to have one at home. However, if someone doesn’t currently have a pet, there is probably a reason behind it. Maybe they don’t have enough time, perhaps they don’t have enough resources, or it is just not the right time for them to have one. Perhaps they mentioned how much they would love to have a pet without specifying why they are not having one in your talks. 

Final words

Christmas is a magical time, and we love making our loved ones happy with the perfect presents. If you are planning to get someone a pet, then make sure this is something that your friend will really enjoy, appreciate but also understand the responsibility behind it. Do you research what your pet wants as a pet and specific breed and if they can give them the appropriate care. Also, make sure you get them all they might need for the first days. A pet can make Christmas even more magical but also your friends’ life for a long while. 

Should you get a pet as a present for Christmas? 2

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