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Selling your home can feel like you’re putting everything on display. Your entire living space is being judged and assigned a numerical value. Many people will be viewing the utility of the space and either believing it suitable for their requirements or not. It can be fairly nerve-wracking especially if you’ve decided to put in an offer for another property before you even set off.

Selling your home

If you’re following standard logical money principles, you ideally want the most money you can get when selling your home. Thankfully, this is more than possible with the right planning and effort. Maintaining and ‘smartening up’ your home might actually help your home look much better than it originally did and might have such a broad cost/reward ratio when it comes to your final valuation that pursuing any other course of initial action is silly.

Ways To Smarten It Up For A Higher Property Value

Property valuers tend to care the most about the impressions of your property. They want to know how they can sell it, what strengths to sell, and what flaws to downplay to get you the best chance of receiving immediate offers on houses.

Don’t give them a reason to downplay many flaws. If you have a few standard cleaning routines in place before you leave and tidy up the problem areas, the valuer is likely to look at your property with much more of an amiable financial assessment. First impressions count heavily, after all.

Intense Cleaning

If you have dirt in your home, in garages, and it’s more than can be removed with standard cleaning methods, you need a stronger yet less intrusive solution. Consider using dry ice blasting solutions to help you remove accumulated dirt and grease from the past years.

Do a deep assessment of your property. Your basement ceiling might need this treatment too. Assess it like you were valuing the property yourself. If your walls are looking the worst for wear, consider a new coat of paint. Clean, clean, clean and tidy. Imagine the Queen of England is coming for tea. You want to make a great impression because it will directly affect how heavy your wallet is.

Curb Appeal

You’d be surprised at how important the exterior look of your house is in securing a great property valuation. If your drive is unkempt, your porch has seen better days, and the steps leading up to your doorframe are wonky, you can be sure this will hurt your final price. The worst part here is, repairing these issues is very cheap. If your mailbox is busted up and old, replace it with a new one or fix it yourself. Not only will you add curb appeal, but your final valuation will skyrocket.


Make sure all the roofing felt is properly installed to prevent leaks. Leaks lead to damp and structural issues. Structural issues and dampness lead to negative property valuations. Take care of this now to avoid this.


If you have a fireplace you’ve blocked up and isn’t in use, why not unblock it for the new owners? Make sure it’s functional and clean, and hey presto, you’ve just added a valuable new addition to your living area. Remember, capitalise on your strengths. If it takes a little extra financial effort, it’s still worth it.

In addition to the previous points, make sure your garden is tidy, you leave any furniture you don’t want in as part of the deal. You allow the valuers or buyers to know of any other repairs the news owners might need to do that you don’t have the time/funds to do before leaving. You’re sure to experience a smooth process when selling your home if you follow this right.

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