Scoot ‘n’ Pull – I needed this!

One particular day out has scarred me for life and it all began quite innocently with the idea of a walk in the park. Before Karin gave birth to new baby Sam we could often be found walking around Ferry Meadows with our children, most of the time the girls would walk but on a couple of occasions we have dared to take the girls’ scooters with them. All sounds quite innocent doesn’t it?

Well, if your child is like Ella then you’re onto a winner – Ella LOVES her scooter and took to it like a duck to water but if you have a child like Little Bean then walks with a scooter would not be so much fun. Little Bean WANTS to ride her scooter but until we received this scooter, she didn’t get on very well with her previous one and we would end up with scenes like this . . .

Mummy Matters

. . . on this day, both Little Bean and Mummy had a major meltdown. This photograph was just the start of a series of unfortunate events which lead to an early night to bed for both of us a we were exhausted.

BUT if we had received the Scoot ‘n’ Pull to review before we set out on this walk I am ADAMANT that the above photograph would never have existed. They always say the best inventions are the simplest and honestly they don’t come much simpler than this but it is just brilliant. With the Scoot ‘n’ Pull, when Little Bean refused to scoot any further I could have simply pulled Little Bean along behind me like this . . .

Scoot 'n' Pull

And when she decided that she really didn’t want to scoot anymore, instead of hooking the scooter over the handlebars of my beautiful Stokke Xplory and scratching it, I could have attached the Scoot ‘n’ Pull and carried it over my shoulder like this . . .

Scoot 'n' Pull

Thanks to the Scoot ‘n’ Pull my walking life has been much less stressful in recent weeks. We have been using the scooter sometimes on the school run and when Little Bean’s “legs are too tired” I just tow her behind me and then hook the strap to the back wheel for the walk home.

Scoot ‘n Pull is made from strong, bright, colourful fabric that is easy to wash, and it can be used with all brands of children’s scooter. This product could not be easier to use – just remove it from its packaging and you are ready to go!

Scoot ‘n Pull costs £6.99 and is available to buy in 5 bright colours from

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