Saturday Snippets – 28/03/15

Saturday Snippets

{Feeling} rubbish! I am suffering with awful period pains from my knees all the way up to my shoulders. I had a scan earlier this week but they couldn’t see anything so I am being referred back to my Doctor. I honestly feel like am in labour again the pain is so strong and stops me in my tracks.

{Listening} to the clocks ticking in the house and Jelly Bean snoring quietly on the monitor. Hubby has gone to Wembley with his Sister and Curly to see the Rugby today, a little pre-40th birthday treat from me. Unfortunately his brother couldn’t make it as he has had to go away with work but they will have fun nonetheless. I fear they may get a little chilly though, it’s FREEZING today!

{Eating} Shortbread biscuits dunked in my coffee. I don’t know about anyone else but at ‘that’ time of the month I just want to eat rubbish.

{Looking} forward to having the Beans at home for the next two weeks (please refer me back to this post in two weeks’ time!). We have a couple of days planned out but on the whole I’m looking forward to (hopefully) just chilling out with them and planning on trying to get out one evening just Little Bean and Mummy for some girlie reconnection time as I feel like we have drifted a little bit of late and I miss that closeness. Sadly I think until adulthood this could be a regular occurrence but I shall keep working at our relationship nonetheless.

This morning I took Beanie Boy to a birthday party for one of the little girls at his preschool. There were LOADS of girls and only 4 boys so I felt quite proud that Beanie Boy was one of those boys, watching him play he does get on very well with the girls (and the boys too). It was a fun party and was a nice chance for me to catch up with some of the Mums as we all seem so busy late rushing from one place to the next we never get the time to just stop and chat.

The Beans have all been really good this week in helping me with chores around the house. I only really started them on the subject of ‘chores’ last week but I have to say I’m very proud of how well they have taken to it. I know this will change at some point but up until now they have been eager to help, even doing chores I haven’t asked them to do.

I started writing my Saturday Snippets after reading over at Making It Up.

Saturday Snippets

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  1. Sorry to hear about your period pains, keep an eye on it as it might be cysts (possibly a burst one) that is causing you so much pain. I’m pleased to see the Beans are getting on with their chores, it’s good to get the kids involved.

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