Saturday Snippets – 21.02.15

Saturday Snippets

{Listening} to the peace and quiet of the house. Hubby has taken the boys out to get their hair cut and Little Bean is busy getting herself ready for her Mummy & Daddy date to the cinema this afternoon.

{Relieved} that Beanie Boy’s appointment at the hospital for his nose bleeds went well this morning. He has been suffering nose bleeds on and off for over a year now and we didn’t think much of it until he had one in A&E the other week and the Doctor put us on high panic alert. The Doctor this morning was brilliant with BB and has restored my faith a little. He has cauterized his nose and put him on a 6 month SOS appointment so we can go straight back to the hospital if we have any problems in the next 6 months.

{Feeling} mixed emotions about the Beans going back to school next week. There have been days this week where I have been truly tearing my hair out with them but there have also been days where I have marvelled at how lucky I am to have such amazing children. Yes they drive me to distraction and their high spirits and stubbornness get me down but these are also the things that I love about them. And they do love each other really.

{Grateful} that my Mum was able to take this week off work to help me with entertaining and disciplining the Beans. I am sure at times she wonders why she offered but on the whole we had a pretty good week.

{Mournful} for the loss of two of Hubby’s workmates this week who were killed in a road accident on the way to work. It always makes me feel so sad to hear of people dying so young, such a waste of a life and so sad for their families and friends all because someone decided to make a hazardous manoeuvre. It’s always the innocent ones isn’t it.

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