Review: Lego Duplo Number Train

Lego is like a right of passage for children growing up, starting early on with Duplo for pre-schoolers which is perfect for little fingers.

Lego Duplo Number Train

Beanie Boy has been sent a Lego Duplo Number Train to review which has been very well received. I didn’t tell him it was coming, i waited until one afternoon when Little Bean was out with a friend and presented him with the parcel. His reaction was brilliant, he was so excited and asked Daddy to help him build it straight away.

The Number Train has been designed to help pre-schoolers learn their numbers and develop dexterity skills, all whilst cleverly disguised as fun and playtime. The Number Train is perfect for Mum and Dad to play along to encourage the learning aspects such as numbers, counting and colours.

At the moment Beanie Boy just enjoys building his train and then destroying it but every now and then he will count out two or three blocks by himself and tell me how many he has so the promise of learning is there and I will encourage it slowly over time.

Lego Duplo Number Train

I was pleasantly surprised by the price of the Number Train at only £12.99 I think it’s a really good value toy and would recommend to anyone looking to buy presents for a preschooler. You can’t go wrong with Lego!!

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Lego Duplo Number Train free of charge for the purpose of this post. All of this work is my own, I have not been instructed what to right and my opinions remain honest. You may not copy any of my work without my permission.

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