Review: Don’t You Dare by Sharky & George

Are you tired of seeing only the top of your child’s head as it is buried away in the land of electronic gaming? We limit the time that our children are allowed to play and at times I feel like we are being mean when we tell Curly it is time to switch off but I think it is important that they spend time using their imagination to keep themselves amused. Gaming is fun and can be educational but nothing beats putting your mind to work, sometimes it just needs a bit of inspiration and that’s where Don’t You Dare comes in.

Don’t You Dare comes from the children’s party planning duo Sharky & George. The book is really appealing to children because its layout is rather like a scrapbook they have prepared themselves. It is packed full of ideas for games to play in large groups, small groups, games for the classroom, games to play indoors (brilliant for the British weather) and games to play outdoors. It it packed with fun tips and tricks and is guaranteed to be a kids favourite.

Review: Don't You Dare by Sharky & George 1

Curly has brought his copy of Don’t You Dare on holiday with us to Butlins and this has been the view of Curly whenever we have been in our room (that coupled with jiggling shoulders as he giggles at yet another prank he has found – I shall NOT be looking through any binoculars handed to me by that boy that’s for sure!!!

Sometimes children just need a bit of inspiration and this is one book which certainly provides inspiration by the bucket load!

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