Regis Designline keeping my locks lovely . . .

You may remember before Christmas I was treated to some very rare ‘me’ time at my local Regis Salon where I had my hair cut and coloured. To spend a good few hours in a salon with no children to keep an eye on was a very relaxing experience and it actually gave me the chance to really talk to my stylist about how I actually care for my hair. My hair is the one thing which has to look ‘presentable’ before I leave the house in a morning, I will walk out without makeup but you will never see me at the school gates with greasy or untamed hair.


My stylist asked me what my usual haircare regime consisted of and I said that I generally washed my hair every day or every other day and that I used an intense conditioner to keep split ends at bay but I did wish that I could wash my hair less often. My stylist pointed out that using an intense conditioner every time actually was not as good for my hair as I would have thought as it just means that was what my hair would get used to and so when my hair needed a ‘treat’ there wouldn’t really be any options. I needed to go back to using a regular conditioner each time I washed my hair and then just use an intensive conditioner once a week/10 days to give it a boost. Also using such an intense conditioner all of the time would make my hair more greasy meaning that I needed to wash it more often and so it continued.

Following my appointment I was sent a selection of products from the Designline Range to care for my new lovely locks and I have been using them ever since. The Designline range has been specially created to meet all your haircare needs and they are available exclusively from Regis Salons nationwide. The products are designed to bring out the best in hair of every type and texture and the styling range is perfect to keep your hair looking as preened and polished as the day you stepped out of the salon.

Regis RegisThe Designline Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner help to protect your hair from colour washout by up to 50% whilst adding shine and body. The saying “a little goes a long way” could not be more true than when talking about this luscious range and it lasts for ages, I am still using mine now.

The Powder Boost Volumizer has become a good friend of mine as I try to stretch out the days between washes. I sprinkle a small amount over the roots of my hair and massage it in to give instant matte volume and texture to my hair, every Mum should have some of this!

The Fiji Therapy Styling Oil is something which I love for long hair. Being a lover of the hairdryer and straighteners my hair can take quite a bashing so after washing whilst my hair is still damp I put a very small amount of the styling oil onto my finger tips and smooth it onto the tips of the hair for a hydrating treat and to provide protection from the heat I am about to bombard my hair with.

Regis have been a name in hairdressing for many years and can be found all over the country, why not click here to find your nearest salon. They will look after you and make you feel a million dollars in no time!

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