• Random Gifts to Give to Your Parents 1

    Random Gifts to Give to Your Parents

    Mother’s day might have come and gone, but we still have Father’s day to celebrate this September. And as such, racking our brains for ideas on what to give to our loved ones always becomes a habit during that time of the year. Receiving handmade gifts is more than likely on the top of your […]

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  • Wasgij Puzzle

    Totally puzzled by Wasgij!

    When was the last time you tackled a jigsaw puzzle? I don’t mean a 4 and 8 piece one with your toddler, I mean a full-on 500+ piece jigsaw puzzle? We have completed a few photo puzzles which have been gifted to us over the years which were easy by comparison. For the past couple […]

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  • Father's Day

    Last minute ideas for Father’s Day

    There are always going to be those of us who leave our Fathers Day shopping until the last minute and need a bit of inspiration because let’s face, men are notoriously difficult to buy for aren’t they. Well I think Hubby is at least, he doesn’t really have ‘hobbies’ and he falls asleep every time […]

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  • Photobox for the one you love!

    Oooh I love a good photobook, in fact I could probably make a photobook a week with the amount of photographs I take. The best books I have made so far include the many I have made of my babies’ and of course our Wedding Album. I was hoping to make an album for Hubby […]

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  • iCushion – how will you use yours? 2

    iCushion – how will you use yours?

    What do you think to this nifty little product then? It’s the iCushion from MobileToyz.co.uk How often do you find yourself sitting with your iPad complaining about wrist-ache or neck-ache from having to hold it at funny angles or to lay uncomfortably on the bed to watch films or to read? As convenient as an […]

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