Pink Engagement Rings That You Will Absolutely Die For

Pink engagement rings, like from Astteria, have a lot of different meanings behind them and are generally the most desirable of diamonds because of their romantically associated color. 

These gemstones are one of the most popular for engagement rings and are known to be just as hard and durable as a regular or non-colored diamond.

Can An Engagement Ring Be Pink?

Pink Engagement Rings That You Will Absolutely Die For 1

The real question here is whether real and authentically made engagement rings can be pink. You’ll be happy to know that they are, and are actually the most desirable of diamonds because of their romantic color, and how unique they are to be made.

Pink diamonds in engagement rings are one of the rarest diamonds out there; one of the reasons is that scientists don’t actually know why or how the color is formed. The same goes for red diamonds. The best answer ever given in relation was that the time of its creation from immense pressure and heat is a result of its pink lasting color. 

They are very much natural, and if not, need to legally be stated on their designated certificate otherwise that the pink engagement ring was artificially made. 

It’s important to note as well that while pink engagement rings do not fade permanently, some diamonds do temporarily lighten or make the diamond fade whether it’s in sunlight or intense heat. Diamonds that are higher in price and have higher integrity do not have this issue, however.

What Does A Pink Engagement Ring Mean?

Throughout the ages, pink in engagement rings has meant a lot of different things. The most known, however, and most popular meaning behind the beautiful pink engagement rings is love.

Romantic intent is always expressed through pink engagement rings, especially when thinking about your special day. Tenderness and innocence are conveyed through these beautifully colored gemstones, alongside long-lasting happiness and delight.

Pink engagement rings, being rare, are a great symbol and representation of love, how rare it is to find your true one and only. No matter the shade of pink that’s conveyed on the diamond and the color that resides with it, the meaning doesn’t change.

The pink colored gemstones in the rings used to be associated with femininity, but nowadays, it’s even a popular stone for males to wear. Love and romance, and this day and age, take over that seemingly old thought process. 

For spouses that are looking for an ideally beautiful form of a gemstone that offers many different color variations for you and your partner to enjoy, and who strive with love and romantic intent, then pink engagement rings are one of the best ways to put forward that idea. 

Are Pink Engagement Rings Cheaper?

pink engagement rings

Unfortunately, if you were looking for cheaper and not-so-expensive types of diamonds, then pink engagement rings will not be something for you. But rest assured, they are the best type of diamond out there and are very much worth the price that’s paid. 

Vivid and pink diamonds in rings are one of the most expensive types of diamonds in the world and in the marketplace. They are often more than 20 times the price of regular white or non-colored diamonds, ranging from $30,000 to $100,000 per carat.

The reason for them being so expensive in the first place is because of how incredibly rare they are, to begin with, and have only been found in a few locations across the world. The most common place and recent place that found the gemstone was a mine in Australia.

Because them being such high demand and the supply being limited, the prices generally skyrocket. Them also being generally more vibrant in color, higher quality stones, and long-lasting properties increases their pricing.

Final Thoughts

If your looking for a beautiful engagement ring for your spouse, whether they be male or female, and want to show your romantic intent behind every carat, then pink engagement rings, like from Astteria, are able to convey your love every step of the way.

They are, however on the more expensive side of engagement rings but are very much worth the price you pay for them, as they are able to last lifetimes upon lifetimes. 

Pink Engagement Rings That You Will Absolutely Die For 2

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