Washing Machine Stands That Are Best-Suited To Your Household

Washing machine stands are super helpful in your laundry to minimize the need to stress and stretch your joints and knees. Luckily for you, there are plenty of options to choose from!

Finding the right one for you, though, can be a pain in the behind; when you get washing machine stands that are suited perfectly to you, at the end of the journey, it’s very much worth the purchase.

Do I Need To Mount Washing Machine Stands To The Wall?

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While there are some washing machine stands that do require you to have them drilled or put onto the walls, you have the option to avoid damaging your beautiful home walls and purchase a free-standing washing machine stand, like from Dryer Stands UK.

Having a free-standing washing machine stand is super helpful for people like renters and homeowners who can’t or are afraid, or simply don’t want to, put holes in their walls just for those pesky mount brackets.

This can also be super helpful for newer homes and residents that don’t want to have to expensively reinforce the walls because of that annoying tumble dryer or washing machine weighing it down and damaging it.

The best part about free-standing washing machine stands is there simple and easy to set up, and you’re very much capable of doing it on your own. 

How Much Weight Are Washing Machine Stands Able To Hold?

Believe it or not, washing machine stands, despite looking flimsy and unsupported at times, are designed to withstand large amounts of weight that’s put on it, even when the machine is both empty and or filled to the brim with clothing or other washable items like linen or blankets.

The average stand can hold up to a maximum of 75 kg of weight, while other washing machine stands that are personally made stronger around 100 kg, more or less. On average, domestic dryers weigh about 15-30kg or 33-66lbs when they’re empty.

The stands themselves are fully capable of ensuring they can hold the weight of the extra pieces of equipment as well, like condensers, heat pumps, and or conventional clothing tumble dryers.

When Purchasing A Washing Machine Stand, Do I Have To Assemble It Myself?

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Depending on who and where you purchase your washing machine stand from, like Dryer Stands UK, depends on whether you’re eligible or offered the services of someone from that company assembling the stand for you.

Some companies do offer to do this for you, while others do not so much, as most washing machine stands are purchased online or from a distant retailer and not in-store like other laundry equipment. 

Most cases require you to assemble the machine on your own, but assembly instructions are always given when purchasing stands to make your life easier and are very simple to follow. Some companies even give you a video tutorial on how to properly assemble the washing machine stand easily since some people are visual learners.

However, if you’re not comfortable with following instructions, and get confused by all the contents in the box, like screws, Allen keys, bolts, etc., then you’re more than welcome to hire someone out of the company to come and do it for you at your convenience. Even neighbors, dads, or relatives are often great with helping assemble pieces like these.

Final Thoughts 

Getting the right dryer stand for your home is important while ensuring that your washing machine stand can durably handle the weight of your dryer, washing machine, or other equipment you want to use it for. 

Homeowners and renters that don’t want to drill holes in their walls for some brackets to put their dryers or washing machines on should definitely look into having a free-standing washing machine stand.

Washing Machine Stands That Are Best-Suited To Your Household 1

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