Phew, we made it! School trip anxiety

Today marked a big day for me (and Little Bean). She went on her first train journey without me!!!!! You may recall before Christmas we went to York for a pre-Christmas family break. Whilst there we paid a visit to the National Railway Museum, we LOVED it! So can you imagine my surprise when Little Bean started back to school in the New Year and came home with a letter detailing her school trip TO YORK to visit the NATIONAL RAILWAY MUSEUM. I wish I had thought to check ahead on school trips as I was sure she wasn’t doing this trip until Year 3 but nope, I was wrong. So just 5 weeks after her last visit, Little Bean boarded a train very early this morning with her teachers and school friends bound for York.

To say that I was apprehensive was an understatement. I even had a little chat with her teacher soon after finding out about the trip. I did precede my conversation with “I know you have been on these trips often and never lost a child BUT . . .”. My worries didn’t lie with the teachers but with Little Bean herself. After travelling backwards and forwards regularly to London with me since birth Little Bean is very confident when travelling and sometimes a little ‘too’ confident for my liking as she likes to ‘lead the way’ and get ahead of people.

Last night when I picked her up from school she told me that she would be in the Headmaster’s group and I did breathe a little sigh of relief. She left the house at 7am this morning and didn’t get home until 5.30pm so it was a very long day for her. She said that she fell asleep on the train to York this morning as she had to wake up too early but she felt fine for the rest of the day and “didn’t get told off at all Mummy”. Bless her!

school trip

She took an old digital camera with her and this evening I have smiled from ear to ear looking through her pictures, it would appear she is definitely her mother’s daughter having taken over 100 pictures of her day.

I survived with the help of a coffee and a catch-up with my lovely cousin and of course I still had the boys to keep me busy. Well, until I read Facebook and saw that her trip next year involves an overnight stay!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!

How do you feel when your children go on school trips? Are you apprehensive or is it ‘business as usual’?

4 thoughts on “Phew, we made it! School trip anxiety”

    • Oh good it’s not just me then Monika!! I may be needing your support next year 😉 The camera was her brothers old digital camera, only a cheap little Hitachi thing. Funny thing was, he could never get it to work but she took over 100 pics and 2 videos 🙂

  1. I hate them! E goes swimming every Thursday which involves a bus trip and I am in a constant state of panic. It’s ridiculous isn’t it – now we know how are Mum’s felt waving us off on those school trips – no wonder she often had tears in her eyes, now I completely know where she was coming from!! I’m glad LB had a great time!

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