Parent’s Guide: How To Protect Your Children From Substance Abuse

In recent times, there has been an alarming rise in the number of children, and in particular, teenagers, that have started the use and often abuse of substances and drugs in their daily lives. 

Parents often find themselves spiralling as they try to analyse their children’s behaviours and find ways to protect their children from the dangers of drugs. However, a parent needs to take adequate measures that will work well for teenagers. 

Moreover, it has been reported by the New York State Department of Health that about 31 percent of teenagers learn about the dangers of abusing a substance from their parents, which aids in the process of avoiding it. Therefore, you must know about why teenagers resort to drugs and practical strategies to prevent and deal with substance abuse if it does occur. 

Suppose you uncover the reasons that trigger your children into trying and potentially getting addicted to drugs. In that case, you can effectively work to eliminate those triggers and hence reduce the probability of your children resorting to substances.

Adolescence is when teens tend to enter a stage of life where they gravitate towards activities and experiences that they perceive as daring or thrilling. It is also when they are most influenced by those around them, particularly their friends. 

Therefore, if their friend group encourages such activities, your children are more likely to explore such substances for the experience or to feel more involved.

It is essential to be aware of the type of friends your teen makes; this involves assessing their character, beliefs, and values. It is recommended that you do this at the beginning of any friendship your child may harbour so they do not get overly attached to someone who may negatively influence them.

Furthermore, if you believe your child’s friend group has a negative influence, you could introduce them to new people their age or encourage them to become part of an activity or society in school that consists of children with a better value system. This method of helping your child detach from toxic friend groups is less direct and will reduce the chances of your child wanting to rebel.

It is often the case that teenagers who have an underlying trauma may use drugs to help cope or numb the inner pain they may be feeling. Such traumatic instances may include experiencing their parent’s divorce or losing a loved one. However, it is crucial to understand that the severity and reason for the presence of trauma may vary from child to child.

Moreover, conflicts at home that are not simple healthy agreements may also result in teens or children resorting to substances as a coping mechanism. 

It is essential to create an environment at home that is filled with trust that may allow you and your child to talk about traumatic experiences and, therefore, help you as a parent understand their needs. Moreover, it is always recommended to encourage your child to see a therapist to cope effectively with any trauma or obstacles they may be facing. 

Furthermore, it is essential to maintain a healthy and happy atmosphere at home so that it is safe for your child rather than being a trigger. It is necessary to learn to deal with difficult situations healthily instead of resorting to abuse, screaming or forcing your child to take specific actions.

The internet has started to promote unrealistic body perceptions that cause teenagers in this era to believe that their bodies are not what they should be and are not acceptable. This often causes teenagers to start consuming stimulants to lose weight or help them reach an unrealistic body type. In such cases, eating disorders are also common alongside the use of drugs.

Furthermore, in other cases, negative self-perception may have to do with things unrelated to a person’s body. For example, it may be due to poor performance and results in schools or colleges which cause adolescents to take drugs which they believe will help them study better or sleep less.

In these circumstances, it is essential to give your children positive and mindful daily reminders that they are enough and beautiful. It is necessary to help them practice positive self-talk and self-affirmation habits from a young age. This ensures that they will be less likely to fall into the trap of unrealistic body goals. Furthermore, encourage them to do exercises for their benefit and to increase their confidence in themselves.

It is also crucial to set achievable academic expectations for them. Moreover, if they struggle in school, it is recommended that you find healthy solutions for them, like helping them join a study group or hiring a tutor. This will significantly reduce them falling prey to drugs in hopes of increasing their capabilities.

If your children or family are struggling with inadequate mental health or substance abuse, it may be time to look for a suitable treatment centre.

 It is essential to find one close to home so that you may visit your family members easily whenever you need to. For example, if you are based in Malibu, you may search for the nearest and best treatment centres. If you come across a result like Visions Treatment Centers, you may research that specific treatment centre further.

Moreover, it is essential to identify your goals and needs from the treatment program and discuss them in detail with the doctors present at the rehab centre. You must also do extensive research on the strategies and treatment plans the doctors will adopt and analyse whether they will work for you and your family.

It is essential to recognise that a lot of disturbing behaviours and habits that children adopt may be a result of poor mental health. Therefore, as soon as you adopt a parenting role, you must create a home environment that prioritises the mental health of all your family members.

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