Not sure which Insurance Policy you need? This will help you decide.

No matter where you are on life’s great journey you can be sure there is an Insurance Policy for you. It can, however, be a little confusing trying to find the one you need. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, welcome the pitter patter of tiny feet or making arranging when a loved one passes away, there is a policy just for you.

Life Insurance Policy for Children

Pure Cover Survey Results

Pure Cover carried out a survey to discover what the general public thought of Insurance. They wanted to know whether we fully understood our own insurance needs. The results revealed that;

  • 44% of Brits couldn’t cover their household bills if they became unwell and unable to work
  • 66% of people in the UK don’t have any financial support in place to cover the cost of looking after a sick child (what does this mean for single parents!?)
  • 9.9mil Brits who went abroad in the last year did so without any travel insurance
  • only half of the 18-24-year-olds take out travel insurance everytime they travel

The full results of the survey are well worth a read and definitely make you stop and think.

The Average Life’s Insurance Journey


How do you feel about your Insurance needs?

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