Norwood Scale: Popular Stages of Hair Loss in Men

Norwood scale is a popular clarification system used for measuring pattern hair loss in men. Many of us are not aware that hair loss happens in stages, and without understanding the patterns, it’s hard to get the right treatment. That’s why we created this post by partnering with Lordhair, a global hair system supplier.

Norwood Scale: Popular Stages of Hair Loss in Men 1

In this post, we will quickly share the major highlights of the Norwood Scale, which is also known as the Hamilton-Norwood Scale. So, let’s get started!

Stages of Norwood Scale

Without further ado, below are the 7 stages of the Hamilton Norwood Scale:

Stage 1

There are no visible signs of hair loss in this stage, and the head is full of healthy hair. This stage is commonly known as the control stage of hair loss. 

Stage 2

In the second stage, hair starts falling mostly from the temple area. The hair loss is minor and tough to notice unless you are actually looking for the signs. 

Stage 3

Hair loss starts to become noticeable in this stage. The hairline becomes more recessed at the temples in V, M, or U shape. Stage 3A and Stage 3 Vertix are the two variations. 

Stage 4

Stage 4 features significant hair loss on the Hamilton Norwood scale. If the hair has been receding in an M shaped pattern, it will become deeper. If the hair loss is mainly along the hairline, it tends to shade into a deeper U shape. 

Stage 5

The areas of hair loss (temple and crown) are still separated, but they become larger compared to the previous stage. The strip of hair between both hair loss areas is much thinner now.

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Stage 6

Norwood Scale: Popular Stages of Hair Loss in Men 2

Men facing stage 6 on the Norwood scale are almost bald at the top and front of their heads. The thin strip of hair between both affected regions is gone. However, there is still thick hair on the sides of the head.

Stage 7

The last stage on Norwood Scale takes away the majority of hair at the sides as well. A fragile ring of hair remains when Stage 7 settles in. 

Above are the 7 stages of hair loss according to the Norwood scale. 

The good news is that men can recover from hair loss and further damage if the stage is identified correctly before remedial measures are taken on time. 

Below are the most recommended ways to gain back a healthy head of hair:


It’s a popular medication used for treating the early stages of hair loss. It can be directly applied to the scalp as it’s available in both foam and liquid.


The Food and Drug Administration approves a popular drug prescribed to eliminate hair loss, Finasteride, to treat hair loss problems. However, it comes with its share of side effects. 

Hair system

If your hair loss is at Stage 4 or above, this is the safest and most recommended hair recovery solution available out there. A year’s supply of hair systems costs less than US$1000. 

We hope this blog on the Norwood Scale helped you understand hair loss better! We highly recommend consulting a doctor before taking any medication or treatment for hair loss recovery. 

Have questions in mind? Drop them in the comments to get a quick reply from top hair experts! 

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