Natural Things That You Can Do To Help Your Toddler Sleep

In a world of fast-paced, schedule-packed days, it might be hard for some toddlers to quickly get to bed at night. To help toddlers sleep at night, parents are often told they need to use some new technique or method; that if you just use this app or follow that program, it will help your toddler sleep better. However, what’s at risk of being forgotten as more and more parents are turning to apps and technology to help with these types of issues is the natural and traditional techniques. Mothers and fathers have been using tried and true methods for centuries, and we can learn from that wisdom. 

Toddler sleep

This article explores five techniques you can try that don’t involve technology:

1. Reading Stories

If you aren’t already doing it, reading stories at night to your toddler can be incredibly helpful to get them ready for sleep. Of course, there is a good chance they won’t grasp the content of all of the story, but it will help them get their eyes off a TV screen and relax their brain. Some great stories to start with, if you don’t already have some in mind, are the classics, like the stories about knights and princesses. 

Also, as your toddler grows up, you can use stories as a way to teach them. Stories are one of the best ways to teach, as it’s easier for toddlers to quickly retain information in this format. 

2. Singing To Your Toddler

Singing lullabies is an ancient tradition that goes way back to what our ancestors did. If you’re unsure how to sing, the great part is your toddler won’t care, and they aren’t a music expert. 

The soothing effect of your voice combined with the rhythmic melodies of lullabies can be incredibly calming for toddlers. One of the best places to start if you’re unsure is what the classic songs of old as these songs were designed to be used for bedtime. There is a list of some of those traditional ones here

If you’re really uncomfortable singing, you might try putting on some low-instrumental music. Avoid any music that’s quick in pace.

3. Dim The Lights

Toddler sleep

This one may seem obvious, but slowly dim the lights before bedtime. Dimming the lights sends a signal to your toddler’s brain that it’s time to wind down and prepare for sleep. Is part of the rhythm all humans enjoy that triggers to our brain that when the lights go out it’s time for bed. This is one of the many reasons that phones and TVs aren’t good for toddlers (or adults) because they artificially teach us that we can stay up way later than we should.

4. Use Bedding That’s Natural

Toddlers can react to all sorts of things in their bed. From allergies to certain materials to chemicals used in synthetic bedding. The best bet is to get your toddler bedding that is all-natural. Some of the best materials for this are organic cotton or wool. For example, If your toddler is over the age of two and is ready for a pillow, using a wool toddler pillow could help them get some sleep. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, and with most wool products, you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals being used as flame retardants. 

Natural bedding that’s hypoallergenic is also simply safer as you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals getting into their system. What a lot of people don’t know is that bedding can be made from all sorts of cheap and harmful chemicals. 

5. Bedtime Fast

It might be best to avoid giving your young one a snack right before bed. 

Their digestive system needs time to process food, and eating right before bed can lead to discomfort and restlessness. Create a route that includes a light snack earlier in the evening if needed, ensuring that your toddler has enough time to digest it before bedtime. Also, it is probably best to avoid artificial and/or processed sugars and sweeteners. Opt for natural foods like fruit, cheese, or milk. However, you know your toddler best, so don’t give them something you know will give them too much energy.


Toddler sleep

Hopefully, you’ll find one, if not all, of these techniques helpful when you are helping your toddler get to bed. You may find that simply by avoiding technology usage at night, your toddler will get better sleep without even instituting any of these other techniques. Of course, you will come to know the specific needs of your toddler as they grow and develop, so modify this guide as needed.

Natural Things That You Can Do To Help Your Toddler Sleep 1

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