Moving Tips: How to Sell Your Old Home

From looking for a realtor to prepping, staging the house, and eventually selling it, the entire process of shifting houses, including packing up and moving can prove overwhelming. Regardless of whether you are still pondering on whether to renovate the residence or pack up, sell the residence, and shift out, this guide of moving tips will prove useful to anyone planning on moving house.

A process on How to Sell Family Home

Sell your old home

1. Find the Perfect Real Estate Agent

If you are hoping for a fast house sale, then you have no option but to find the right real estate agent. The perfect realtor is one who will not only assist you to sell the home quickly and for the right price, but one who will also guide you, support you, and offer bits of wisdom throughout this process.

In your search for a real estate agent, you will need to focus on those who have a tactful and realistic approach. This is an agent willing to name both the selling points as well as the drawing backs of your home. For the latter, they can educate you on how to make some improvements to make it more saleable.

2. Come Up with a Plan to Prep the Residence for Sale

When it comes to a property sale, you are required to prepare a master list comprising of all the home repairs you need to keep track of. The list should be prepared as soon as the decision to sell is arrived at. In your list, make sure to prioritize the tasks. It will likely feature both tiny and major tasks; make sure all the important tasks are handled first.

It’s easy for you to get confused with all the things you need to do. However, having everything neatly listed down on a paper or your phone ensures you will remain on track. Sit down and decide on when the home sale “launch” will take place. Now start working backwards from the date when you intend to start the open house sessions to determine when the tasks will end.

Pro Moving Tip: In case there is a need for you to remove lots of accessories and furniture from the residence during the sale period, it would be best to lease a storage unit. The extra expenses will be worth it if they allow you to better showcase the house.

3. Boost Your Curb Appeal

Moving Tips: How to Sell Your Old Home

Curb appeal is quite important in the real estate world, and all for good reason. You can be sure that the cash buyers for houses will first make a drive-by trip to help them see the house before deciding whether or not to attend an open house session. Blooming flowers, a freshly painted door, and bold house numbers are all ways to help you draw in big crowds.

4. Prep It for an Open House Session

Considering all the work you have already put into getting the residence ready, it’s now time to focus on the little details. In terms of importance, cleanliness easily tops the list. Ensure the house is thoroughly cleaned to get rid of dust bunnies, toothpaste smears in the sink, and even breadcrumbs on the kitchen floors.

Take your time to also walk through the house checking whether there are any personal items left lying around. Get rid of all school projects, personal mail, and party invites. For your peace of mind and personal security, make sure to password protect and shut down all your computers and other electronic gadgets.

Whether you are pondering on whether to renovate your home or sell these moving tips will prove useful to anyone planning on moving house.

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