Using Software as a Service – SaaS

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is more commonly being seen implemented in modern businesses. This can allow you to access your services, on a subscription basis, from other locations than simply your office computer. When deciding whether or not SaaS is for you, you may wish to consider how often you, and other members of the team, are in the office and whether the time is often spent working elsewhere.


Using Software as a Service - SaaS
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If you are considering using the software as a service within your company, you may also want to clarify your understanding of what HR saas means. It means that the members of your human resources team can work in tandem on one system and that they can then do so when working elsewhere.

This can be incredibly useful if they do not work within the same office as you or even have the opportunity to work remotely. HR SaaS can provide your team with the ability to monitor requests, absence levels and even work on recruitment and onboarding without needing to be physically present, either in the office or at their standard computer.

When you consider that the features of SaaS are that they provide a more flexible means of working, it means that should an employee not be able to get into the office or have problems with their usual computer, the work can still be undertaken, and your HR needs still met.

What is a Subscription?

Many Software as a Service provider allows you to use their packages on a subscription basis. This means that you will be charged a monthly fee for the ability to use their product. The first payment is usually made at the time of purchase, and you will pay in advance for your next months’ worth of membership.

Depending on the provider you use, some SaaS companies might allow you to have a rolling contract, meaning you can cancel at any time without having to pay a cancellation fee. Others may require you to commit to a minimum term, and certain fees can apply for breaching this. In these cases, you must be certain about using that provider, as you may have to wait approximately a year if you change your mind.

Using Different Platforms

Using Software as a Service - SaaS
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One of the great benefits of SaaS is that it can potentially be used on different platforms. This means that should your employee want to work from home using their own computer. You shouldn’t run into difficulties that may be found with traditional software, such as problems with running on Mac or PC. The same can be said when your SaaS provider also allows you to use their services via mobile apps or the internet. Having the flexibility to use different systems for the same tool can be reassuring to many employers.

Considering the use of online services, as opposed to installed programs, can free up a lot of time and space on work computers while affording your team the ability to work from any location with the internet.

Using Software as a Service - SaaS 1

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