Mamma Guilt Monday – Is it my fault?

Taking inspiration from Mamma Kerr’s meme “Mamma Guilt Monday” I initially sat down and thought to myself, do I have any Mamma Guilt. No, was my first response – I feel that I have done everything in my power to do the best for Baby Bean (as do all parents). But literally 10 minutes after having that thought I received a text message from my MIL who was looking after Baby Bean this afternoon. She texted to say that Baby Bean had eaten a whole banana – nothing special in that you might think but if you’ve been a regular reader of my blog you will know that Baby Bean is not an eater. So why should I feel guilty about that? I try often to get her to eat new foods but it’s a really difficult one because she is so headstrong, basically anything I put in front of her she says no to and pushes it away.
Later in the evening Hubby returned home with Baby Bean and told me that, not only had she eaten a whole banana but she also had some chips (fine – nothing new) and a few mouthfuls of omelette!! I have tried to give her omelette before but I always get the same reaction.
The guilt that I’m feeling is, is it my fault? Have I not tried hard enough to get her onto “adult” food? Whenever she goes to nursery they tell me of some new food that she has tried and it has been at Nanny and Grandads that she has tried other “new foods” but rarely for me. This is becoming an issue for me as lunchtimes often become a struggle; her list of preferred foods is very small so as mealtimes approach I do get a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach. I rack my brains to think of something different to give her but generally end up on the same old tried and tested!
How often should I be trying new foods with her? Once a week, every few days??? I have tried Baby Led Weaning but Baby Bean’s issue with food is she doesn’t like the feel of wet or slimy food in her hands. She will eat bread, breadsticks, chips, crisps and sometimes pizza. But can I get her to eat fruit, vegetables, cheese – any of the good stuff?
If anyone out there reading this has been through similar experiences and can offer words of wisdom or advice then I really would accept them gratefully.


  • supersinglemum

    March 9 at 9:46 am

    I have read somewhere that it takes 8 times of introducing a food for a child to try it. I dont know where that comes from because H has still never tried a sprout!!! I don’t think you should feel guilt here at all, maybe try the Supernanny approach (not sure if she is too young for it or not), don’t talk about food while at the dinner table, place the food in front of her and eat yours but don’t mention the food or try and help her – I always wonder if it’s staged or real because Supernanny always seems to have kids eating everything within a week! It’s definitly not your fault though!

    1. mummymatters

      March 9 at 11:45 am

      I guess I know deep down its not my fault but the whole food thing is becoming harder and harder to deal with. Mind you I’m stubborn and I always say I like a challenge, I guess I’ve finally got my challenge of a lifetime!

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