Little Bean’s ‘social’ weekend!

DSC01233 Do you ever feel like your children have a better social life than you do? Little Bean had a busy weekend attending the birthday parties of some of her newly made friends at school. It was such a relief when she received the invites to the parties as I had heard that there were some parties coming up and you never quite know whether your children will be one of the few that doesn’t get the invite. I think Little Bean found it quite hard to find her place in her class when she started school but since the half term break she has really turned a corner and seems to have a good group of friends around her. I think she will always be a bit of a ‘social butterfly’ flitting from one group to another rather than having one solid best friend but when she arrived at her parties this weekend, all of the children were really excited to see her, giving her hugs and high-fives which was really touching to see.

Last week whilst doing the grocery shop, I suddenly heard a little girl’s voice called out to Little Bean and they ran to each other like long-lost relatives, they hugged and held hands as they walked up the aisle together. I feel so proud of the way that she has settled in now especially after our fears about her not getting into the school of our choice. I think she is going to be just fine!!

(Now I just need to work on her camera smile!!!).

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