Laser Hair Removal: The 12 Things You Need to Know

Are you considering laser hair removal? Before you make your decision, there are some essential facts you need to know. We’ve gathered expert advice and personal experiences to help you make an informed choice. So, let’s dive in and explore 12 things you need to know before having laser hair removal treatment.

1. Painful or not? Here’s the truth

Laser Hair Removal

The process may sound painful, but it’s generally tolerable. The laser sends light through the hair pigment, converting it into heat and damaging the hair follicle. The pain is sudden and sharp, more intense on thinner skin. A cooling mechanism can help, but try to arrive at your appointment relaxed and without rushing. 

According to the specialists at Medspa London laser hair removal that are done with the Soprano Ice Titanium laser machine is cool and totally painless, and the reviews on this new technology confirm that.

2. Patience is key

You may notice a difference after your first treatment, but it takes 8-12 sessions to achieve the full result. Regular appointments are essential because hair follicles have different growth stages. Stopping prematurely will cause the hair to grow back.

3. Prep work is vital

Before your appointment, shave the area to avoid irritation and a burnt hair smell. Do not tweeze, wax, or pluck. Keep the treatment area free from makeup, lotion, deodorant, and sun cream.

4. It’s a quick process

Even with makeup removal and a quick chat, a full-face appointment can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.

5. Avoid the gym and heat exposure

Laser Hair Removal: The 12 Things You Need to Know 1

After treatment, avoid heat exposure for 24 hours to prevent bacteria growth and skin irritation. Stay away from the gym, saunas, and hot showers.

6. Sun protection is crucial

Avoid sunbathing and sun exposure before and after treatment. If you have a tan, wait for it to fade before starting your treatment.

7. Laser treatment can sometimes stimulate hair growth

In rare cases, laser treatment can trigger more hair growth, especially for vellus hairs (fine hairs). Your dermatologist will let you know if your hair type is unsuitable for laser treatment.

8. Adjust your beauty regime

Avoid scrubs, glycolic acid, and retinol creams two days before and after treatment. Use face mists and extra hydration as your skin may become drier. Steer clear of chemical peels and fake tanning products around the time of your appointment.

9. Laser hair removal offers multiple benefits

Aside from smoother skin and permanent hair removal, laser treatment can help with skin irritation and ingrown hairs, promoting straight hair growth.

10. Don’t pluck, dye, or wax

Plucking, waxing, and bleaching can hinder the laser treatment process. Opt for shaving if you want to be hairless during the treatment.

11. Laser hair removal is suitable for all skin tones

Laser Hair Removal

The hair just needs to be dark enough to attract the laser. Advancements in technology have made it safe for individuals with darker skin tones to undergo laser hair removal.

12. Top-up treatments might be necessary

Although most people experience a 90% permanent reduction in hair growth, fluctuating hormones can cause hair to grow back. Top-up treatments with longer intervals may be recommended.

In conclusion, laser hair removal can be a worthy investment if you’re looking for a long-term solution for unwanted hair. Remember to research clinics and at-home devices, and be prepared to invest time and money into the process.

By understanding these essential facts, you can make an informed decision about whether laser hair removal is the right choice for you.

Laser Hair Removal: The 12 Things You Need to Know 2

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